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குரூப் II, IIA 2020 (New Syllabus) Test Batch

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Daily Current Affairs for Aug 26,2018 (English)

1.      The procurement of 111 utility helicopters for Indian Navy at cost of over Rs 21,000 crore has approved by Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) chaired by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. The procurement of 111 utility helicopters will be first project under Defence Ministry’s prestigious Strategic Partnership (SP) Model that aims at providing significant fillip to Government’s ‘Make in India’ programme.
2.      The procurement of 150 indigenously designed and developed 155 mm Advanced Towed Artillery Gun Systems for Indian Army by DRDO at approximate cost of Rs 3,364.78 has approved by Defence Acquisition Council (DAC). Procurement of indigenous artillery gun systems will provide major fillip to ‘Make in India’ programme of Government.
3.      The procurement of 14 Vertically Launched Short Range Missile Systems has approved by Defence Acquisition Council (DAC). VLS is advanced system for holding and firing missiles on mobile naval platforms, such as surface ships and submarines. These missile systems will help boost self-defence capability of ships against anti-ship missiles. Of these, 10 systems will be indigenously developed and remaining four will be imported.
4.      The procurement 24 anti-submarine capable multi role helicopters to enhance capability of Indian Navy at sea has approved by Defence Acquisition Council (DAC). This approval will allow Government to sign contract US based aviation giant Lockheed Martin for purchasing 24 MH-60R helicopters for Indian Navy. MH-60R helicopters (or Seahawk multi-mission helicopters)are anti-submarine helicopters. Buying them will replace British-built Sea King helicopters. This contract will be direct government-to-government (G2G) deal with United States worth approximately $1.8 billion.
general english for tnpsc examinations sarala dhavamanoharan
First in state/India/International:
1.      World’s first wind-sensing satellite named Aeolus has successfully launched into orbit on board of Vega rocket from French Guyana by European Space Agency (ESA). The satellite is Aeolus named after guardian of wind in Greek mythology. It will be placed at altitude of 320km above the Earth. It is part of the Copernicus project, a joint initiative of European Union (EU) and European Space Agency (ESA) to track environmental damage and aid disaster relief operations. Aeolus satellite will provide much-needed data to improve quality and accuracy of weather forecasting. It will help to improve understanding of working of atmosphere dynamics and contribute to climate change research.
2.      India’s first inter-state transmission system (ISTS) auction of 126 MW wind power capacity was commissioned in Bhuj, Gujarat. This auction was conducted by state-run Solar Energy Corporation of India Ltd (SECI) in February 2017. The first auction signifies major shift from earlier regime of state-specific feed-in-Tariff (FiT) model to Pan-India, market-driven mechanism. The energy generated from this project is being purchased by Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. This was bid for projects to be connected on ISTS wherein power generated from one state (renewable resource rich state) can be transmitted to other renewable deficient states.
1.      Dr. G Satheesh Reddy was appointed as Secretary of Department of Defence R&D (DDR&D) and Chairman of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) by the Appointments Committee of Cabinet (ACC). He is well known for his significant contributions to indigenous design, development, deployment of diversified missiles and strategic systems, guided weapons, avionics technologies and for sustained efforts in advancement of aerospace technologies & industries in India.
1.      Shot-putter Tejinder Pal Singh Toor (24) won Gold medal in men’s shot put final at 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian GamesAsian Games held in Indonesia. He finished first in men’s shot put final and set new record at 20.75 m in his fifth attempt. It was India’s first Gold medal in Athletics event in this edition of Asian Games.
2.  Indian tennis pair of Rohan Bopanna and Divij Sharan won gold medal in Men’s Doubles tennis at 2018 Asian Games by defeating Kazakhstan’s Aleksandar Bublik and Denis Yevseyv pair. It is second time Indonesia hosting Asian Games. For first, it was held in Jakarta in 1962. Trio of Bhin Bhin (bird of paradise), Kaka (one horned rhino) and Atung (deer) are mascots of 2018 Asian Games. These three mascots represent east, west and centre of country and they have dress traditional to each locality. It is 18th edition of Asian Games hosted by Indonesia. It was held from August 18 to September 2, 2018 in two cities – Jakarta (capital of Indonesia) and Palembang (capital of Indonesia’s province of South Sumatra). 

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