TNPSC Group 2, 2A Syllabus, Exam Pattern Changed - Detailed Information

The Tamilnadu Public Service Commission has changed the syllabus and exam pattern for TNPSC Group II and Group II Non Interview Posts. 

What are the major Changes in TNPSC Group 2 Exam ? 
tnpsc group two exam syllabus changes latest

  1. Language Optionals (Pothu Tamil & General English) is removed from Prelims. 
  2. Preliminary Exam Pattern is changed. Now there will be 175 General Studies Questions and  25 Aptitude Questions (Total 200 Questions - 300 Marks)
  3. Syllabus for Group 2 & 2 Non Interview Posts  Preliminary Exam is changed 
  4. Mains Exam  is Introduced for Group 2 Non Interview Posts also 
  5. Syllabus for Group 2 & 2 Non Interview Posts - Mains exam is completely changed 

 Important Changes in Group 2 Preliminary Exam Syllabus 

General Science  :   No Major Changes

Current Events :  No Major Changes

Geography : World Geography topic is removed, Indian Geography and Social Geography topics added 

History and Cultuer of India :  Indus Valley in Ancient India and Medieval India topics added
Indian Polity :  No Major changes 

Indian Economy :  No major changes

Indian National Movement :   No major changes 

Aptitude and Mental Ability : No major changes

Newly Added Topics :  
(1)   History, Culture, Heritage and Socio Political Movements 
(2)   Development Administration in Tamilnadu 

Download Group 2 New Syllabus  in Tamil Preliminary and Mains Exams  Click here

Download Group II New Syllabus in English Preliminary and Mains Exams  Click here 

What are the Changes in TNPSC Group II Mains Exam Pattern ? 

The Mains Exam Syllabus and Pattern is completely changed. 

  • Both Group II Interview & Non Interview Posts will have Same Mains Examination
  • But, Interview is for Group II Interview Posts only 

Main Written Examination will have Total 300 Marks

  • Total Marks for Interview Posts: 300+40 = 340 Marks (Oral Test: 40 Marks)
  • Total Marks for Non Interview Posts :  300 Marks 

Marks for Group 2 Interview and Non Interview Posts

Changes in TNPSC Group 2 Mains Scheme of Exam  

  • TNPSC Group II Mains Exam New Syllabus  is completely Changed , no relevance with previous Mains Syllabus
  • The Mains Exam will have Two Parts. If a candidate secure minimum 25/100 marks  in Part A will be eligible for Part B Questions Evaluation. 
  • Total Marks obtained in both Part A and Part B will together be considered for the Selection. 

Part A Scheme of Examination - Total 100 Marks 

  1. Tamil to English Translation   - 2 Questions -  50 Marks  (25 Marks Each)
  2. English to Tamil Translation -  2 Questions -  50 Marks  (25 Marks Each)

Note : Answer sheets of the candidates who do not secure minimum qualifying marks in Part A will not be considered for the evaluation of Part B
Part B Scheme of Examination - Total 200 Marks 
3. Precis Writing  - 2 Questions -  40 Marks  (20 Marks Each)
4. Comprehension - 2 Questions -  40 Marks  (20 Marks Each)
5. Hints Development  - 2 Questions -  40 Marks  (20 Marks Each)
6. Essay Writing on ‘Thirukkural’ - 2 Questions -  40 Marks  (20 Marks Each)
7. Letter writing (Official)  - 2 Questions -  40 Marks  (20 Marks Each)
Note :  This part  (Part B) has to be answered fully in Tamil or in English alone
exam pattern for tnpsc group 2 mains changed syllabus

Changes in TNPSC Group 2 Mains Syllabus
Titles for Examination
Title 1 - Tamil to English translation
Title 2 - English to Tamil translation
Title 3 - Precis writing
Title 4 - Comprehension
Title 5 - Hints Development
Title 6 - Essay writing on the following topics from ‘Thirukkural’
(a) Significance as a Secular literature
(b) Relevance to Everyday Life
(c) Impact of Thirukkural on Humanity
(d) Thirukkural and Universal Values - Equality,Humanism, etc.
(e) Relevance to Socio - Politico - Economic affairs
(f) Philosophical content in Thirukkural

Title 7 - Letter writing - Official
tnpsc group 2 mains new syllabus topics

Syllabus for Examination
History, Culture and Heritage of Tamil Nadu
(This syllabus applies only for Titles 1 to 5 given above)
1.1 Origin and Development of Tamil Civilization - From classical antiquity to modernity.
1.2 Sangam Period Literature along with the historical events related to Language Development.
1.3 Musical Tradition of Tamil Nadu - Folklore - music, dance, Musical instruments and folk drama - From classical age to post-modern age with its modifications.

1.4 Dramatic Art Form - Street Theatre - Folk Theatre - Conventional Theatrical techniques.
1.5 Socio-Economic History - Overseas trade - evidence from classical literature like "Pattinapalai".
1.6 Rationalist Movements - Dravidian Movement and Self Respect Movement.
1.7 Contribution of Social Reform Movements in the implementation of Social Welfare Measures and Socio-Economic
Development of Tamil Nadu - Reservation Policy and its Benefits - Contribution of Social Justice and Social Harmony in the Socio
Economic Development of Tamil Nadu.
1.8 Feminism – Socio - feminism, Literary feminism - Different Concepts and Perceptions.

1.9 Contemporary Tamil Language - Computer Tamil Diction - Legal Tamil - Tamil as Administrative Language - New genres.

(Courtesy : TNPSC Official Website ) 

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