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How to apply Ration Card in Tamilnadu ?

The ration card is one of the fundamental and necessary government documents all of us should have. For school admission, opening a bank account, getting new gas connection, purchasing a new land or property etc. ration cards play a vital role in our day to day life.

Usually, we people think getting a new ration card is a tough process and we go for some brokers or intermediaters to do the ration card application. But in fact, it is so easy process now. If you have enough documents required, you can get your ration cards issued with in 30 - 90 days from the date you apply for.

Eligibility to apply a new ration card in Tamilnadu

1.You should be Indian Citizen
2.You should be resident of Tamilnadu
3.You should not possess any other ration cards in Tamilnadu or any other states in India.
4.If you are newly married and have your name in your family ration card, you and your spouse should get name deletion certificates (Removing names from your family cards) .

Here are the simple to apply for a new ration card :

 Step 1 : Download and fill the application for new ration card.

Applications can be downloaded from the following link


Step 2 : List of Documents to be submitted with ration card application

Address Proof (xerox copy)

        Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC), OR

        Property tax payment receipt in case of own house (current year), OR

        Electricity Bill (last month), OR

        Telephone Bill (last month) , OR

        Front Page of Bank Pass Book, OR

        Allotment orders in respect of persons residing at houses allotted by Slum Clearance Board, OR

        Passport, OR

        Currently valid tenancy agreement (in case of rented house), AND

Name Deletion Certificate (If you are newly married and apply a new ration card only)

You should get name deletion from the parent family issued by the card issuing authority in the previous address.

Birth certificates (If you have children)

No card certificate
(if you dont have any previous ration cards only)

Details of LPG Gas connection,
LPG agency and Oil Company name. Last mont bill xerox copy and xerox copy of the Gas Connection Document.

A self addressed and stamped postal cover or postcard (If you apply ration card through post only)

Step 3: Apply at the Ration Card Issue authority at your area. They will give you an acknowledgement receipt.

Step 4: A government field officer will visit your address to check the genuiness of the application.

Step 5: After the verification, you will be issued a new ration card with in 1 to 2 months.

All the best ! 

(Posts in the comment field if you have any doubts regarding this)

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We ate a new married couple.
We are living a rental house and we want to take a new ration card..

But my doubt is
1.what is the proof should I give for address if I am living in rental house..

2. We got name deletion from our parents..but we are living in rental house..
Now what is the procedure..

Shall I use my or my wife own house address for taking new ration card..

Is it possible in single address 2 or more ration cards..

My name Narayanasamy , I already submit January 2013 but I am still not get my family ration card, goverment employee very very slow,

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are love marriage couples ... have one 8 months baby ... How to get new ration card ... we have rental house agreement documents, then my wife have voter id and education certificates ... i have only my family ration card .. my name was deleted that card ... so please can you guide me how to get new ration card ... because i am working in IT field .. lot of opportunities came from abroad ... So please help .... Thankyou .... following my mail ID : mohanforuin@gmail.com

We are love marriage couples ... have one 1 months baby ... How to get new ration card ... we have rental house agreement documents, then my wife have pan card and education certificates ... so please can you guide me how to get new ration card ... because i am working in civil field .. lot of opportunities came from abroad ... So please help .... Thankyou .... following my mail ID : dhanan.rockers@gmail.com

I have my one house in mahe I don't have ration card how I will get every year two months I am in India how I will get where to apply please help me and guide me
Regards sujikumar

Hi my name is suji I. Have my own home in my name I have own gas connection I have current bill bank account how I will get ration card I am living in mahe
Now I am working in Saudi every year two months I am in name how I will getvration card please guide how to apply


Did u got the reply

dear sir/mam,
i have a two childrens .then i will submit both birthcertificates or not....please help me .

we donot have ration card since 1995 ( after marriage) unknowingly our names have been removed from our parents respectively. we do not have any kn\ind of ration card from any where in India. what is the procedure to get ration card. we are unable to get deletion certificate from the respective office. P.Thiagaraj, 200 Main road , sangiliyandapuram Trichy 620001

Get a rental agreement.

im a single.i have bank passbook,pan card.i need a ration card only address proof purpose only..how i get a new card..im able to get it or not.pls guide me sir..thank you

Arunagirinatan S
Arunagirinatan S

I was living in Erode, Periyar Dist and in 2004 I moved my family to Bangalore and I didn't obtain any ration card, but I obtained voters ID and Aadhar Card. A few months ago my daughter got married to Coimbatore i.e., (my father-in-law place). Now I want to register my daughters name in my son-in-laws ration card. Please clarify my what is the procedure and what are the documents I need to provide for registering my daughter name in their ration card


வணக்கம் ,
எங்கள் குடும்ப அட்டையில் எனது மனைவியின் பெயரையும் இரண்டு மகள்களின் பெயரையும் சேர்க்க சொல்லி விண்ணப்பம் கொடுத்தேன். இதுவரை சேர்க்கபட்டதா என்பதும் தெரியவில்லை எப்போது புதிய குடும்ப அட்டை தருவார்கள் என்பதும் தெரியவில்லை. தவிர, இப்போது நாங்கள் எங்கள் சொந்த ஊரை விட்டு திருச்சிக்கு வந்துவிட்டோம். பழைய குடும்ப அட்டையில் எங்கள் பெற்றோர் பெயரும் உள்ளது. நான் எனக்கும் எனது மனைவி பிள்ளைகளுக்கும் மட்டும் தனியாக குடும்ப அட்டை திருச்சியில் விண்ணப்பித்து கொள்ளலாமா?! ஆம் என்றாள் அதற்கான வழிமுறைகள் என்ன என்று விளக்க முடியுமா


Hi Sir,
I am swaminath. I am working in IT industry. I am staying in a rented house in chennai. I have aadhar card in the current address and also a gas connection in my name. My wife name is removed and my name is still with my mother's ration card. My mother is also staying with me. Can i apply for a new ration card. How can i do that. Please help me sir. My email # sam_valar@live.in.

If your current address is not same as your current address, then apply for address change else just Add your wife's name to your card along with marriage certificate

If you belongs to other sate/district then surrender the RC and apply for new card

Hi, I got love marriage. my parents not deleting my name from their ration card. But i have proofs like voter id, driving license, school certificate with me. I have a kid too, now how i can add my name in my hubby ration card, please help. Email id: mega2012dataentry@gmail.com

Hi, I lost my rationcard name deletion certificate. I went back and asked for a duplicate copy for the same. but they are not ready to issue the same. Please suggest or guide me how to proceed further.

Hello, Myself and my brother are staying together in a same house(Rent) and we both are newly married. Is it possible to apply ration cards separately for each of us(same address)?

Dear Sir,
[Regarding Name Deletion Certificate] I got love married and we have a 2 yrs old kid. we have to apply new ration card before that the procedure is should be removed name from old ration card.
My parents are not interested in our love marriage, so that they doesn't give their original card to do that name removing process. but I have xerox copy of that and my wife side is not a problem for original. kindly suggest us.

Dear Sir,
how to go about for taking a new ration card for a widow servant maid with a 5 year old kid and she does not possess either a marriage certificate or death certificate of her husband. None of her family Members are having ration card. As she is very poor and residing at korrukupettai, chennai she needs a ration card for her family, as she being the head of the family and her kid.

respected sir /madam as i am a citizen of india living in tamil nadu past 24 years i tried many times to get ration card just it is like an dream ,i am having only author card and voter id no other documents and only having my daughter school certificate bank book and living in rented house no gas their is way to get new ration card in order to get bank loan for my dau/ education she is studding Bscclt will you kindly inform how to write or whom to meet to solve my problem i am very fed-up with my life please without delay show me a way Thank you much

If you want the card only for address proof purpose, you can download the Tatkal form, fill it up and submit it to Civil supplies department.

Sir you can download the application form from net fill in the form along with your Voter ID and bank account statement for proof of address along with family details that it.

Hii ,This is Swathi from coimbatore , we missed our family ration card recently , so what is the procedure to apply for new ration car with existing proof ??? Can anybody help me with ur ideas it will help us lot.....

I have shifted from bangalore to.cbe . can you please confirm if rental agreement is enough to apply.for a ration card


I have submitted the application with all documents (in 2012),and field officer also visited to my address, but still I have not get the card,
now they are telling that name deletion certificate is not submitted,
But as far I remember I have submitted that too, and I have the Xerox copy also.

I need a information about getting new ration card.i am from tamilnadu.after my marriage i deleted my name from my parents ration card and joint it with my husband family ration card.we have a girl child now.i added her name in the same ration card also.now we need a separate ration card for my own family.we are living in rental house.My election id card is in my mother in law address.now what is the procedure for getting new ration card for my own family.Please help us.

you should have a address proof for your present rental house (eg.rental agreement, bank passbook)....any doubt just go and ask at Asst Commissioner Office, civil supplies in you area

I work under central government and staying in Chennai since 2 and half years though my native place in Odisha. I have no ration card in my name or my name not included anywhere in my native place also.
Whether I will be eligible to get ration card in Tamil Nadu as I have all residential proof of Chennai ? I have no 'name deletion certificate' as there is no such certificate in my native.
please reply.

yes you may apply as fresh dont have a ration card in Tamilnadu...please contact Civil Suppy office near to your place

Hi sir
I was missed my ration card in our village but we are settled in madurai.i dont have any copies of my ration card only card no is available,how to apply the duplicate card ,pls reply if anyone knows the way

Hi Good Morning all

Hi Sir,

I need to apply for a new ration card. I have deleted my name from my parents ration card and my wife has also deleted her name from her parents ration card. but we have deleted two years back (2013). Is there any duration to apply for new ration card after name deletion from the old ration card. Please do the needful.


hi my native is tirunelveli and i am born and brought in mumbai now i am living in chennai with my wife i don't have ration card i want new ration card what is the procedure to apply help me

Can private bank statement (email statement) without photo be shown as an address proof

என் பெயர் : மைதீன் புகாரி
முகவரி: 2/53.A.ஆஸாத் தெரு. பரமன்குறிச்சி.தூத்துக்குடி மாவட்டம்
நான் சென்ற 30/04/2015 அன்று திருசெந்தூர் தாலுகா ஆபீஸில் புதிய ரேசன் கார்டு பதிவு செய்தேன். விபரம்
வ.எண்:186/15 இரண்டு மாதங்களுக்குப்பின் எனது அலை பேசிக்கு (C2073323 P4) இந்த எண் வந்தது அதற்க்குப்பின் சென்று கேட்கும் போதெல்லாம் வரும் வரும் என்ற பதில் மட்டும் தான் வருகிறது. அதனால் தக்க நடவடிக்கை எடுத்து புதிய கார்டு கிடைக்க வகை செய்யுமாறு தாழ்மையோடு வேண்டுகிறேன்

dear friend, this is not official website for government....you may contact the AC office where you have applied...... some time the new ration card issue goes long up to 6 month....any how now the government has speeded up the process

Dear Sir/Madam,

I got married 6 years back but due to personal reason now I am not staying with my family. My parents has a ration came and my name is included on that. I have 2 kids and my wife is from Andhra Pradesh. Kindly suggest me the steps to get the ration card.

I am working in IT industry. I am staying in a rented house in chennai. I have a gas connection & bank proof in my name in the current address. my name is still with my mother's ration card. My mother is also staying with me. Can i apply for a new ration card. How can i do that. Please help this issue. email id:muruganand.be@gmail.com

I lost my ration card. since 2012How to applyamd where. I am in Jafferkhanpet.Please kindly inform my mail id. pnsiyengar@gmail.com

Sir/Madam I've only the private gas connection is that eligible for getting new ration card.

how to get new ration card??in salem

Hi to all,I am glad to share my experience in getting a new Ration card for me and my family in the Chennai cityby spending not more than Rs.25/- ... Yes only Rupees Twenty Five with no bribe... within a period of 45 days.Almost everyone in Tamil Nadu would say as if all Government jobs can be fulfilled only by means of giving bribe to the government officials. But I want myself to differ from that statement. Only when we are not perfect enough in the required documents, there the bribe comes into picture. When we have all our documents in place with no holes in it then for sure you can achieve getting the Government job done without any bribe I believe (since I am Successful).Let me list out the steps that I have followed in order to get a Ration card on my nameStep 1: I removed my name from my Father's Ration card and got a name deletion certificate (with in a period of 7 days), also I took a Xerox of the page in the original Ration card, where the information for deleting my name is mentioned.Step 2: I removed my Wife's name from her Father's Ration card and got her name deletion certificate, also took a Xerox of the page in the original Ration card, where the information for deleting my Wife's name is mentioned.Step 3: I took a Xerox copy of the Ration card of my house owner as the address proof of my stay in the rented house, along with a letter from my House ownerStep 4: I took a Xerox copy of my Son's birth certificateStep 5: With all the above said proof I filled in the Ration card application form with the help of a person who writes it in the Civil supplies office. I gave Rs.20/- for the form as well as for filling in the applicationStep 6: With a passport size photograph pasted in the form I submitted all my documents along with my marriage certificate and invitation (only the name deletion certificate should be in original, take Xerox copy for your reference)Step 7: I submitted all the relevant documents on 3rdof December 2011Step 8: With in a period of

i want new ration card, how to apply online plz samebody help me,
cell: 9600232966
email: perumalraj45@gmail.com
from: chennai

I want to remove my name in my father's ration card at coimbatore as I moved to bangalore and got new GAS connection. Pls advice.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are love marriage couples. How to get new ration card. we have rental house agreement documents, then my wife have education certificates. i have only my family ration card. my name was deleted that card. so please can you guide me how to get new ration card. So please help me.
Thankyou ....
following my mail ID : a.ashokvictor@gmail.com

Sir,my name is saravanan I wand new ration card how to apply online pls sir mail id saravananpudukai@gmail.com

If couples has got married opposing their family then they many not able to get their parents ration card. Hence they need to provide the ration card number to the circle offer and show the marriage registration certificate too to get a new ration card.
Source: http://liveonindia.com/steps-to-apply-new-ration-cards/

we donot have ration card since 2005 ( after marriage) unknowingly we both are orphan . we do not have any kind of ration card from any where in India. what is the procedure to get ration card. we are unable to get deletion certificate from the respective office. thayalnayagi09@gmail.com

Sir.we do not have ration card2ooo after marriage tAmilnadu ration card we are unable office kaisaralam1976@gmail. Com

Poonamallee terivllur 600056

New ration card appliances

dear friends,i applied new ration card through tnpds.com.my ref no is 26161204675801.kindly tell my current status of my application..thanks in advance

To the Officer Ration Card:

My husband, daughter and my name is in my father's family card. would like to you to issue fresh card for my family and delete our 3 names from the family card. Please help let me know how to proceed. Please also let me know which is the office I have to go to in chennai to get this done and what are the documents I need to take.

Thank you. Awaiting early reply.

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