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Current Affairs for TNPSC Group Exams December 2013

What are the G4 Nations ?

Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, the main aim of these countries is claiming Permanent Member Seat in the Security Council of United Nations.

How many times the G4 Nations have been selected as Non Permanent Member of UN Security Council ? 

 Japan – 5 times, Brazil – 5 times, Germany – 4 times, India – 2 Times

Who are the Permanent Members of UN Security Council ?

US,UK,Soviet Union, China, France

Japan's major Financial Assistance to India are ?

Delhi Metro, Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor

Who is the author of the book  “Price of Inequality” ?

Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz

What is the capacity of  recently test fired Prithvi – II?

Surface to surface – 250 to 350 km

What is Shale Gas ? Which Country discovered Shale Gas ?

Shale Gas is a natural Gas, discovered in USA, China is having the world's largest shale gas reserves

Recently Prime Minister inaugurated pipeline which connects South India to the national gas grid for the first time is ?

Gail Inida Ltd, Dabhol – Bangalore Gas Pipeline

8th Asias Gas Partnership Summit is held at ?

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Current Affairs in Tamil plz

Plz, tnpsc VAO new syllabus 2013 in tamil.

sir current affairs in tamil please

Thanks for ur valuable information. Dec 1 I wrote tnpsc exam for d first time. Ur website helped me a lot. Thanks a lot. Keep continuing ur work sir.....

sir current affairs in tamil please

Current affairs in tamil Please

current affers October 2015 where is the download link?

sir october 2015 where is the download link?

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