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TNPSC General English or General Tamil, Which is Easier ? - A Discussion for TNPSC Aspirants

 Dear all TNPSC Portal visitors, happy to meet you with this discussion about Choosing Optional Languages in TNPSC Group 2, 2A, 4, VAO Exams.

This discussion is started by one of our valuable visitors  in comment area of this post.This may be a right discussion at the right time, it make changes in your thinking about TNPSC Optional Language Selection. 

Parthiban Rathinam :  (Click the image to read the conversation)
Parthiban Rathinam : "General english all about patience.. if u just read everything in the portion u will know what is easy what is tough.. matching poem, stories, charcters, authors, poet that covers 75 % of questions.. u can find simile, metaphor, personifiaction.. but its tough like hyperbole or something... and articles very easy... in active voice passive voice they just ask us to find what is active voice sentence or passive voice sentence.. (not like change this sentence to passive or active)... same applies to simple , complex and compound.... and also to the tenses.. if you know the basic of sentence in active voice , simple sentence , and also to tenses grammer is completed... for appreciation -if read a poem just make sure to read meanings of words given in back of the poem page.. like example muskie- flower in the be the best poem... for other literary works of authors just read the about the authors in 10th 11th 12th english book even in supplementary thats enough.. for shakespeare plays julius ceasar - just read only brutus diologues because its less compared to antony and we have option to choose wisely.. they tend to ask some comprehension questions but most of times answer is present in the question itself.. or just read the tavelougues and works of indian authors and biographies given in the portion just read thats enough.. and you have to memorize all the charcters in supplementary from 9th to 12th.. thats very easy because we are studying stories isnt it fun.. and its match the following if the question is easy we have to know all the all four questions but if the question is tough just one question enough to match all its applies to all tnpsc questions whether its gk or english... if u prepare for first time make notes.. and sorry for using the word crap... if u have more doubt ask me via parthibanrathinam@gmail.com"
Dinesh kumar20 June 2014 at 11:50 - Studying English becomes an easy option for people with less time to prepare though being an Tamil medium student.English or Tamil., it matters how much interest you show on the subject.Being English student i opted to prepare for Tamil because of my love for Tamil,but later i changed my mind on seeing the syllabus since many new topic are there except that i studied in school.Any person who didn't wanted to waste his time preparing only for language subject will opt English for sure.if succeeding in your exam is your ultimate aim then better opt for English.

Your View ?   Dear TNPSC Portal visitors, please post your views as comments in comment box.  Best comments will have a place in this post.

TNPSC Portal : Dear friends, thanks for encouraging others to choose English option instead of Tamil. I also agree with you in this regard, now a days Tamil questions are made tough . A single reason I can say, English has lesser  portions than the Tamil. So any one can score above 85 marks in TNPSC General English if they study systematically. Only thing, you have to do is to study  syllabus oriented portions from Class 6th to 12th English Language books. Any how I personally encourage you to take General English as option in TNPSC Exams. I have met many Tamil Medium students they are well in English Grammar and Eager to Learn. They have chosen General English as TNPSC option and won the game. But it will be very difficult for you choosing General English if you are a Tamil medium student with less English Knowledge.  For the second category Tamil Medium Students, I recommend you to choose General Tamil as option. 

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sir please inform me every tnpsc exams date and eligibilty in detail,AND ONE MORE THING MY TOWN GH DOCTOR GAVE 27% HANDIHAPPED CERTIFICATE.IS IT POSIBLE TO APPLY FOR PH?

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Dear team
Thanks for your encourage of English Medium candidates. Please conduct some models for general English. i choose gk with ge all the time. and also i prepared the English portion as per tnpsc syllabus through the 6to 12 books. So plz conduct the model exam in general english also sir


I even opt for english than tamil only reason to score marks and easy to cover portion. But i have a strong objection of what parthipan told as "tamil question crap from thirukurral". I can understand his frustration because of age old process of examination. However it could have been avoided. Anyway, all the best for everyone.

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Sir, how to attend the mathematics within short time. plz give some tips.

Sir, Which language wil b easy to score in tnpsc group 4??if i choose english wat i have to study n for tamil..plz differentiate n explain about both the optional languages..

sir,for this 2015 group 2 exam which peroid i have to prepare as current affairs, whether april 2014 to mat 2015 is enough ?


To download tnpsc current affairs in tamil visit

both are easy only ...it depends on our approach and sincerity

Its better to choose English as an option.we have read lot of portions in school itself like ceasar,antanio and supplementary Last leaf,Refugee..and i do agree that we have read some tamil portions too..but not compared to english..and we r in touch with english by college xms so it might b easy to study..it takes hardly 2 to 3 days to prepare for language..FOR beginners ,1st make notes of ur own for match the poems and author etc., then it will definitely be easy for ur preparation and revision..I took notes for match the poems,nationality about authors etc.,about grammar if you know some basics then make eng as ur opt..i have scored 87 for the 1st time then it raised to 96..for tamil,, if u have enough time,patience and much interest then u can opt tamil..but for scoring high i prefer english as an opt and recommend too.all d best..


Can you tell me the ways to preparations of General Tamil?

Only school books 6th to 12th .....according to tnpsc pothu tamil syllabus

Sir. Where to get school books i am finding it very difficult to get them

do we need to memorize the poems which are given under "Find the poem name"by giving poem lines?

Dear friends,
I am an English medium student and I unfortunately took tamil as my option and now I am crying (really) I don't know why they are asking this much of hard questions in tamil and relatively English is much easier ...so please go for English option unless you are bad in that...

yes guys, english is much much better and easy than tamil, so i prefer english to tamil, and i suggest everyone to choose english...

yours comments r so useful to me.thank you

Its useful at right time. Thanks Mr.Parthipan Rathinam sir

hi wer to select the language option?

in selection is general tamil given importance while tie in marks over general enlish?

Hi thanks for the info. My doubt is., after selecting English while registering, can v chose to write in tamil during exam?

Pls suggest sm study material for english. I have opted english. but i m nt english literature student. so, i dnt know most of the poems and literary works and i hav not been introduced to it.
so, let me sm easy way to approach the english syllabus other than finding individual poems and literary works and studying them and analysing them for idioms, phrases and all those things.

I have wrongly chosen general tamil instead of general english during registration. Can I change it? Or during examination if v ask english will dey give?

you will be given question set for what you have opted for. Which exam Group 2 A or VAO ?

Sir, I need a help. I need samacheer kalvi text books soft copies for std 6 to std 10. I cant get through TNPSC website. If any of you guys can send me please reply.

download it from http://www.textbooksonline.tn.nic.in/ website

Sir, this link takes to the official website but the problem is I cannot access the materials from that site. It would be helpful if you can send me the soft copies. All links are inactive in that official website.

please do anyone can share preparation strategy for general English. ...like which book have to prepare ,kind of question, level of exam, and which are all the area should have more concentrate. share me at geevagavivek01@gmail.com or here.

Did tnpsc group 4 having GT and GE ah??

I have one doubt... My friend says to choose English option and passed in the exam and retest will be conducted in tamil within two years... Is it true

am studied school at medium of Tamil, but did my BE in English which language is better for me to study TNPSC please ans my ques??

Please say shakti ge book
is useful for ge apart from school books

Frnd... Am new to the field... How many days we need to complete general English core

How many days we needed to complete full general English... Pls reply

Yes, but for original text of poem, prose, stories u have to refer school books

It depends on ur interest , one or two months is enough

english is very easy when compared to tamil....take syllabus and note pagenumber ..90% of syllabus covered only 9th 10th 11th 12th....
if u cant understand the meaning means just buy master guide ,they give tamil version notes free...its very helpful to learn and understand meanings ...
and concentrate on maths portion,,current affairs(may to oct),,polity (articles&amendments),,social(meidieval&modern),,economy(five yr plans etc.,)
static gk(arihant book)
for group 4 only 2 months more so first time preparing canditates focussed this subjects sincerely and hardwork ..u will surely got above 150 marks out of 200...
all d best..

Very useful, informative and practical information....thanks for your valuable suggestions

Can any one please sussest me? For TNPSC Group IV Exam, in the Application i opted General Tamil, Can i Change it to General English at the time of Examination...Please do reply based on your reply i can go for preparation..Thanks in advance...

no chance, it will be printed in hall ticket also and in exam hall you will be given the question paper based on ur option in the online application

Sir, instead of applying general English, by mistake I applied for general Tamil. And my application was accepted also. I'm really sad in this regard. Can I change my preferred language?

In tamil i am getting 90 always.shall i change it to english now for group 2.english is very convenient for me.the thing is shall i get 97 98 within 3 mnths preparation

How to study the appreciation question if u have any material send me please

Here ,i am going to explain pitfalls in studying English language as option for TNPSC.
part A-synonymous and antonyms you never expect easy (around 3-4 questions can expect even in gp-4) as well as part A-1 phrases(whatever they can ask)

part C- drama famous lines,characters,quotes,dont expect always easy like "you too brutus"you have to remember each line of JC&TMV.

part C-15 various works of following authors,oscar wilde and pearl s buck have written tons of books,pl never think easy.

part C-17 famous quote-who said this line, always ask quote of gandhi,abthulkalam,kalpana and sunitha williams,they can directly ditch u in exam?
if the they want to set question tough,above referred part of questions(around 10 questions) become complex.

if somebody write the difficulties in studying tamil as a optional subject for TNPSC, like above i have mentioned will help to choose right option in TNPSC exam,"I AM EXPECTING REPLY FROM ANY ONE WITH BULLET POINTS" not story like bla bla.. ok.

Sir... For group 2 examination . .is only one language for preliminary and main examination... Any options for choosing another language main examination

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