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Tamilnadu Arts Colleges Reopening date on 18th June 2015 - Dinamalar News

There are 83 Government Arts Colleges , 165 Government Aided Arts Colleges and about 350 Self Finance Arts and Science Colleges are in Tamilnadu. 

The Directrate of College Education has planned to open all Arts and Science Colleges on 18-06-2015 after the summer vocation. 

tamilnadu colleges reopening date June 2015
Screenshot of, 9-5-15
The Admission for the 2015-2016 academic year may be completed with in the last date of May 2015. The first phase counselling will be conducted in the last week of May 2015.

News Courtesy : Dinmalar, 9-5-15 

All Engineering Colleges and Arts and Sciences Colleges are to be opened on 03.04.2013, Wednesday the Tamilnadu Government announced the reopening date of colleges after about a month long closing. It is a surprise news and most expected news from the Tamilnadu Government. The government announced indefinitely closure of all colleges till 15.03.2013, 15th March after the mass students' agitation against war crimes by Sri Lanka.
When will Anna University and Self Finance Colleges will reopen in Tamilnadu ?

There was no separate date announced for self financing engineering colleges and Anna University reopening date. All colleges will be opening on 3rd April only.
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