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TNPSC General English or General Tamil, Which is Easier ? - A Discussion for TNPSC Aspirants

 Dear all TNPSC Portal visitors, happy to meet you with this discussion about Choosing Optional Languages in TNPSC Group 2, 2A, 4, VAO Exams.

This discussion is started by one of our valuable visitors  in comment area of this post.This may be a right discussion at the right time, it make changes in your thinking about TNPSC Optional Language Selection. 

Parthiban Rathinam :  (Click the image to read the conversation)
Parthiban Rathinam : "General english all about patience.. if u just read everything in the portion u will know what is easy what is tough.. matching poem, stories, charcters, authors, poet that covers 75 % of questions.. u can find simile, metaphor, personifiaction.. but its tough like hyperbole or something... and articles very easy... in active voice passive voice they just ask us to find what is active voice sentence or passive voice sentence.. (not like change this sentence to passive or active)... same applies to simple , complex and compound.... and also to the tenses.. if you know the basic of sentence in active voice , simple sentence , and also to tenses grammer is completed... for appreciation -if read a poem just make sure to read meanings of words given in back of the poem page.. like example muskie- flower in the be the best poem... for other literary works of authors just read the about the authors in 10th 11th 12th english book even in supplementary thats enough.. for shakespeare plays julius ceasar - just read only brutus diologues because its less compared to antony and we have option to choose wisely.. they tend to ask some comprehension questions but most of times answer is present in the question itself.. or just read the tavelougues and works of indian authors and biographies given in the portion just read thats enough.. and you have to memorize all the charcters in supplementary from 9th to 12th.. thats very easy because we are studying stories isnt it fun.. and its match the following if the question is easy we have to know all the all four questions but if the question is tough just one question enough to match all its applies to all tnpsc questions whether its gk or english... if u prepare for first time make notes.. and sorry for using the word crap... if u have more doubt ask me via"
Dinesh kumar20 June 2014 at 11:50 - Studying English becomes an easy option for people with less time to prepare though being an Tamil medium student.English or Tamil., it matters how much interest you show on the subject.Being English student i opted to prepare for Tamil because of my love for Tamil,but later i changed my mind on seeing the syllabus since many new topic are there except that i studied in school.Any person who didn't wanted to waste his time preparing only for language subject will opt English for sure.if succeeding in your exam is your ultimate aim then better opt for English.

Your View ?   Dear TNPSC Portal visitors, please post your views as comments in comment box.  Best comments will have a place in this post.

TNPSC Portal : Dear friends, thanks for encouraging others to choose English option instead of Tamil. I also agree with you in this regard, now a days Tamil questions are made tough . A single reason I can say, English has lesser  portions than the Tamil. So any one can score above 85 marks in TNPSC General English if they study systematically. Only thing, you have to do is to study  syllabus oriented portions from Class 6th to 12th English Language books. Any how I personally encourage you to take General English as option in TNPSC Exams. I have met many Tamil Medium students they are well in English Grammar and Eager to Learn. They have chosen General English as TNPSC option and won the game. But it will be very difficult for you choosing General English if you are a Tamil medium student with less English Knowledge.  For the second category Tamil Medium Students, I recommend you to choose General Tamil as option. 

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