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TNPSC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Published in the TNPSC Website - Download Now

Tamilnadu Public Service Commission has published A to Z information about the various posts recruited by TNPSC. The information includes the following details 
tnpsc faq www tnpsc gov in

  • Introduction about TNPSC
  • Duties and Functions of TNPSC
  • List of Recruitments / Selections by TNPSC
    • TNPSC Group 1 Services ( List of Posts included in the TNPSC Group 1)
    • TNPSC Group 1 A Services 
    • TNPSC Group 1 B Services
    • TNPSC Group 1 C Services
    • TNPSC Group 2 Interview Posts ( List of Services under TNPSC Group Two Interview Exam)
    • TNPSC Group 2A (Non Interview Posts) (List of services under TNPSC Group 2A Exam)
    • TNPSC Group 3 Services
    • TNPSC Group 3A Services
    • TNPSC Group 4 Services
    • TNPSC Group 5A Services
    • TNPSC Group 6 Services
    • TNPSC Group 7A Services
    • TNPSC Group 7B Services
    • TNPSC Group 8 Services
  • How to apply for TNPSC Exams ?
  • What are the various stages in recruitment process ?
  • How merit list is prepared in various TNPSC Exams ? 
  • Details about Transparency in TNPSC recruitments
  • Security measures in conducting TNPSC Exams
  • Tentative / Final Answer Keys details 
  • Transparency in Interview Process
  • Rights of Candidates in TNPSC Exams 
  • How to know the Status of TNPSC Online Applications
  • TNPSC Annual Planner 
  • Age Limit and Educational Qualification reckoned date - 1st July 
  • Rejection of candidates by TNPSC details 
  • Tamil Languge Exam conducted by TNPSC 
Too see the above information in details Download TNPSC Frequently Asked Questions as pdf from TNPSC website  http://www.tnpsc.gov.in/

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i'm BC female i got 122 questions correct in group2 primilinary exam any chance in main exam

I'm a resident of Pondicherry. Can I write. Tnpsc group 4 exam?

I am stduied b.sc computer science,in vijayamangam I am how to prefer in tnpsc exam I am very intresded in tnpsc exam

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