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Organize Your Study Area for your exam preparation | Study Tips 5

Despite of staying in home or hostel or mansion or a rented room, every one of you may have separate place for studying. I know some students they don't study in single place, changing their study places frequently and I have seen students who have a single place for study every time. I could see their performance in the exams. The candidates who studies in a single place performs better than the wandering students.

Why you should have a permanent place to study ? 

  • Having a permanent place for study will help you to concentrate better on your studies.
  • It helps to quick start up, when ever you sit for studying.
  • You can organize all your study aids in an orderly manner. So that you need not spend time each time you sit to study. It saves lot of your study time.
  • Having an organized study area, you inform your family members your primary business is to study.
  • It avoids frequent missing and searching of your books and study aids.

What to be organized ?

As a student you may have the following properties in your study area to be organized.
  • A study table and a chair at correct height.
  • A writing pad, if necessary.
  • At least two are three book shelves.
  • A study lamp.
  • A computer or laptop.
  • A Planner Diary for your study plans.
  • A4 Papers.
  • Files and Folders.
  • A dictionary or thesaurus.
  • A scientific calculator.
  • Stationaries like hole punching machine, stabler.

Tips to organise your study area ?
  • Keep your study area neat. It should be pleasant looking, so that you may tempted to sit and read.
  • Don't keep all your books on table, keep them in book shelve in some order.
  • Use ring files and folders, so that you can keep your assignments organised.
  • Keep all stationaries in a separate table drawer or a plastic box, don't let them to occupy your reading table.
  • Finally, always follow "Right thing at Right Place" . Following which will make your study place looking pleasant and you will love studying.
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