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குரூப் II, IIA 2020 (New Syllabus) Test Batch

குரூப் 2 முதனிலைத் தேர்விற்கான பாடத்திட்டத்தை திட்டமிட்டு குறுகிய காலத்தில் படித்து முடித்து, பயிற்சி செய்வதற்காக மொத்தம் 30 தேர்வுகள் (ஒவ்வொரு தேர்விலும் 200 வினாக்கள்)

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How to avoid stress in your exam preparation ? | Study Tips-8

Stress is a mere stress when it is small and controllable. But when it grows and become big it will be very difficult to handle it. This is the reason for today's student suicides. Our mind can be compared to a baloon. As the baloon has a limited capasity to accomodate air and our mind also has a limit to bear stress if the stress becomes more that the limit it blasts like baloon. Some times our life come to an end like a baloon blast. 

What are the reason for the Students Stress ? 
  • If an assignment not completed in deadline
  • If you have not completed your portions for the examination
  • If there is not enough money to pay tuition fees
  • If some one who loves you fell ill
  • If you are away from your home thinking of your parents always
  • If some one hurts you

Does stress benefit ? 

I can say yes. Stress can be divided in to lowlevel and high level stress. Low level stress is controllable and may be called as benifitial stress. It always end up in good outcome. For example, you have stress on finishing your assignments when they are announced not at the day before the deadline. You will complete the assignments day by day and will finish it before the deadline. If you have stress of your examination at the beginning of your academic year not the week before the final exams, you will study day by day and it brings you good results in your examinations.  

Stress can be benifit, if it is given attention at right time. Thus it becomes benifitial. But, if your stress is not given attention in right time it becomes danger. 

What are the symptoms of stress ? 
  • Not interested in anything
  • Easily upseted mind
  • Eating too much, drinking too much, smoking or using drugs too much in effort to reduce stress. But these dont work really.
  • Growing inferiority complex, comparing others too much.
  • Feeling un healthy, some time fewerish and fell ill.

If you have the most of these symptoms you are in high level stress. As already discussed high level stress is very dangerous. You should find some immediate remedy to overcome your stress. Read the following tips which may help you to come out of stress. 

How to avoid / overcome stress ? 

Here are some tips to come out of your stress before it perish your life.
  • Meditation cures stress 
Meditation is not a compex word. It is very simple. You all have to do a breathing excercise to reduce over stress. If you dont know how to do a breathing excersice. Google it and find some simple method. It really works.
  • Do some excercise 
Doing some simple exercise like swimming, jogging etc. may calm your body and mind and your stress level may be reduced.

  • Drink lot of waters 
By drinking plenty of water may relieve yourself from stress.
  • Sleep well
Have a sleep of atleast 7 hours during night. If you feel over stressed i the day time you can have a 1 hour nap (short time sleep). Sleeping gives you good relief as your brain get refreshed when you awake from a sleep. 
  • Look in to yourself 
You should understand one fact that you are the only reason for the stress you are in, and not your teachers, parents, friends or your environment. Sit and analyse yourself what else have made you this much of stress. Mostly you will find two words "Assault" and "Procrastination". Accept your failure and decide to avoid them in future.

  • Strictly avoid Inferiority Complex
Don't compare the better doers with you. Realise that you could have done better than them if you have utilized the time and opportunity better than them. So decide one day you will be better than them.
  • Manage your time now 
Stress is the result of lack of time management. Thus now onwards plan your time effectively and strictly follow the plan and surely you will come out of stress.



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