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How to Wake Up Early Morning and Prepare | Study Tips 3

The researchers all over the world concluded that early morning is the best time for studies. Before the tips, I want to share my ideas about the advantages of getting up early in student life.

Develop your inner side

It is a proved fact that morning is the good time for self development. Admosphere will be quiet. You can develop yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Physical Exercise

With getting early, you will have enough time and energy for some physical exercise. You can do it in a professional gym or with in your home. Exercise really makes you fresh through out the day.

More productivity

Productivity is doing the things with full concentration and getting the expected results. Yes, getting up early will make you more smarter.


Morning is the right time for meditation. Do some simple yoga and breathing excersices to keep your spiritual side streanghten.

Plan your life

Waking up in early morning and thing about your life goal and analyze yourself "am I in right track?". It really makes your life more successful.

Tips to wake up Early in the Morning
  • Early to bed, early to rise, make a man health, wealthy and wise. Really it is true.  I request my student friends to go bed early.Go to your bed at before 10 pm in the night because when you fall asleep faster you could wake up earlier as possible. It improves your productivity throughout the day.
  • Wash your hand and face with cold water or have a shower before going to your bed. It will help for a sound sleep.
  • Set your alarm for at least 2 or 3 times. For example if you plan to wake up in the early morning 4'O clock. set your first alarm at 3.50 am , second alarm at 3.55am and third alarm for 4.00 am. Consider the first alarm bell as an indication, second as a warning and before third you will be waken up.
  • Wash your face (brush if possible) soon after waking up. Failing which will send back to your bed soon.

Meet you with more tips in next post ....wish you all the best !
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