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Environmental Science - Part 9

  1. What are the water-borne diseases caused by Bacteria ? Answer

    Typhoid, Paratyphoid, Dysentery, Cholera

  2. What are the water borne diseases caused by Protozoa ? Answer

    Amoebiasis, Giardiasis

  3. What are the water borne diseases caused by Viruses ? Answer

    infectious hepatitis, Poliomyelitis

  4. What are the water borne diseases caused by Parasites ? Answer

    Malaria, Yellow Fever, Tapeworm

  5. What are the water borne diseases caused by Algae ? Answer

    Shistosomiasis, Gastroenteritis

  6. What is a PH value ? Answer

    Acidic or alkaline nature of a liquid.

  7. Acidic liquids have PH value higher than _____________? Answer


  8. Alkaline liquids have PH value less than___________? Answer


  9. Air Striping method in water purification is used for ? Answer

    Removing ammonia, hydrigen sulphide and other volatile matters from water

  10. Who coined the word 'Green House Effect' ? Answer

    JB Fourier (French Mathematician) in 1827

  11. Who obserbed global warming for the first time ? when ? Answer

    Scripps Institute of Oceanography, California in 1957

  12. When did the first UN Conference on Human Environment held, where ? Answer

    1972, Stockholm

  13. When was the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) established ? where is the head quarter of IPCC ? Answer

    1988, Geneva

  14. What was the target of IPCC by the year 2005 ? Answer

    To reduce carbon emission by 20 % and bring back the carbondioxide emission of 1988 level with an eventual reduction of 50 % later.

  15. When was 'Montreal Protocol' by UNEP created and when it came into force ? Answer

    Created in 1987 and came in to force in 1989

  16. When did China and India signed 'Montreal Protocol' ? what was the important event ? Answer

    1990, London Amendment of 'Montreal Protocol'

  17. What was the amendment made in 'Montreal Protocol' in the year 1992 ? Answer

    Copenhagen Amendment

  18. Audible range of noise by a human is ___________? Answer

    0-120 decibel

  19. Some Actions and Noises (Important memorize ) Answer

    Human heart beat - 13 dB
    Chewing gum - 20 dB
    Turning newspaper-30 dB
    Typing-40 dB
    Average city residence - 45 dB
    Dog Barking - 66 dB
    Average city street - 73 dB
    Motor truck - 80 dB

  20. What are the Indian Penal Code (IPC) sections related to public noise ? Answer

    IPC Sections 268 and 290, Fine up to Rs.200

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