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Environmental Science - Part 10

  1. When was the Noise (Regulation and Control) rules came to existance in India ? Answer
    In the year 2000
  2. Silent areas /silent zones' are the areas with in ________________around hospitals,courts and educational institutes ? Answer
    100 m
  3. What is CNG ? Answer
    Compressed Natural Gas
  4. What is the expansion of LPG ? Answer
    Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  5. What are the two articles which mentions about environmental protection in Constitution of India ? Answer
    Article 48 A & Article 51 A(g)
  6. When was the 'water (prevention and control of pollution) cess act was passed in India ? Answer
    1977, amended in 1991
  7. When was the 'Basel Convention' conducted by UNO, for which purpose ? Answer
    1989, United National Environmental Programme conducted this at Basel (Switzerland). Attended by 116 countries. Basel Convention related to Hazardous Wastes and Disposal.
  8. When was the 'Hazardous wastes (Management and Handling) Rules in India was implemented ? Answer
    1989 (Amended in 2000 and 2009)
  9. Percapita Solid waste in India per day is _________? Answer
    0.5 kg/day
  10. When did Munucipal Solid wastes (management and handling rules) was came into existence in India ? Answer
  11. When did 'Biomedical Waste (management and handling) rules came into existence ? Answer
  12. Petrolium Act in India enacted in the year ? Answer
  13. What is the SAGE established by International Standard Organization (ISO). When it was established ? Answer
    Strategic Advisory Group on Environment , established in 1992
  14. Which country formed a standard for environment for the first time ? what was the standard ? Answer
    United Kingdom (UK), BS7750
  15. What was the standard introduced by European Union (EU) ? Answer
    Eco-Management and Audit Regulation Standards (EMAS)
  16. When was ISO 14001 Standard published by ISO ? Answer
    1996 (Environmental related standard )
  17. How long is the Ozone above earth's surface ? Answer
    25-30 km
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