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Environmental Science - Part 2

  1. What is the function of 'Fungicides' ? Answer
    To protest crop plants from fungal pathogens
  2. Herbicides is used for ? Answer
    Killing weedy plants
  3. Nematicides are used for ? Answer
    Killing nematodes, which can destroy the roots of crop plants.
  4. What are Organochlorides kind of pesticides ? Answer
    DDT, Aldrin, Linane
  5. In which year Bhopal Gas tragedy happened in India ? Answer
  6. How many people were killed by Bhopal Gas tragedy ? Answer
    More than 8000 killed and 30,000 seriously injured
  7. What is the poisonous chemical caused gas leak at Bhopal ? Answer
    Methyl Isocyanide
  8. What is the name of the company caused bhopal incident ? Answer
    Union Carbide, an agricultural ionsecticide factory
  9. Whare are the Organophosphate pesticides ? Answer
    Parathion, Malathion, Phosdrin
  10. What are carbamates pesticides ? Answer
    Carbaryl, Carbofuran
  11. What are fungicides ? Answer
    Captan, Dinocap
  12. What are Fumigants pesticides ? Answer
    Ethylene Dibromide, Methyl Bromide
  13. What are herbicide pesticides ? Answer
    Silvex, Dinoseb
  14. Harmful health effect caused by DDT ? Answer
    Nervous disorders, Decreased white blood cells
  15. The medium affected by DDT are ? Answer
    Water, food chain
  16. How much energy does a computer use per year ? Answer
    876 KWh/Yr
  17. Harmful health effect caused by Dioxin ? Answer
    Kidney Damage, Liver and Nervous System, Carcinogenic
  18. The medium affected by Dioxin are ? Answer
    Water, food chain
  19. What are fossil fuels ? Answer
    Coal, Lignite, Crude Oil, Natural Gas
  20. Harmful health effect caused by Fenitrothion ? Answer
    Reye's Syndrome in Children
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