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Environmental Science - Part 3

  1. The medium affected by Fenitrothion are? Answer

    Water and air

  2. The solar radiation which reaches earth , what is the percentage of visible rays ? Answer


  3. What is the highest power producer of India ? Answer

    Thermal Power Production

  4. Harmful health effect caused by Mirex ? Answer

    Bioaccumulates in food chain, toxic

  5. The medium affected by Mirex are? Answer

    Water, food chain

  6. Nuclear fission reactors uses _________? Answer


  7. Harmful health effect caused by PCB ? Answer

    Liver and heart damage

  8. The medium affected by PCB are? Answer

    Food chain

  9. Harmful health effect caused by Trihalomethanes? Answer


  10. The solar radiation which reaches earth , what is the percentage of infrared rays ? Answer


  11. The medium affected by Trihalomethanes is? Answer


  12. High temperature gas-cooled reactors and fast-breeder reactors uses ? Answer

    Pu 238 and Th232 are converted to fissionable Pu 239 and U 233

  13. One calorie is equalent to how many Joules ? Answer

    4.184 J

  14. The solar radiation which reaches earth , what is the percentage of ultraviolet rays ? Answer


  15. How much of atmoshpheric radiant energy is used for photosynthesis ? Answer


  16. What colours of wavelength are used by utotrophs for photosynthesis ? Answer

    Blue and red wavelenghts of light

  17. How much percentage , the fresh water covers among the total water available in earth ? Answer


  18. What is the use of Phosphates in human beings ? Answer

    Growth and maintenace of animal and human bones and teeth

  19. What is the use of organo-phospates ? Answer

    Useful in cell division involving production of nuclear deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA)

  20. What is the use of Sulphur in animals and humanbeings ? Answer

    Synthesis of amino acids and proteins.

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