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Environmental Science - Part 4

  1. What is meant by the term 'biomes' in environmental science ? Answer

    Certain life zones , environments with similar climatic, topographic, and soil conditions and roughly comparable biological communities.

  2. What is called as a wetland ? Answer

    It is an eco system with standing water atleast part of the year.

  3. Where is wetland system available in chennai ? Answer

    Pallikkaranai (South Chennai)

  4. When was 'United Nations Convention on Bio Diversity' was conducted? Answer


  5. What is the exansion of 'IUCN' ? Answer

    Intenational Union for Concervation of Nature and Natural Resources

  6. What is UNCED, when it was conducted ? Answer

    Conference on ' United antaions on Environmnet and Development ' , 1992, held at Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

  7. What was the purpose of UNCED 1992 held at Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)? Answer

    Biological Diversity of Earth

  8. What are the Anti-Cancer drugs made of Madagascar Periwinkle (Catharanthus Roseus) plant ? Answer

    Vinblastine and Vincristine

  9. What is the medicinal use of the plant Chincona bark ? Answer

    Malaria Treatment

  10. What is the medicinal use of the plant Rauwolfia ? Answer

    Hypertension drug

  11. What is the medicinal use of the plant Poppy ? Answer


  12. What is the medicinal use of microorganisms like 'fungus' and 'bacteria' ? Answer


  13. India shares _________% of world's total biodiversity ? Answer


  14. India contributes _________of world species count ? Answer

    0.130 million

  15. What is the world rank among the world diversity countries ? Answer

    6th among the 12th mega diversity countries.

  16. What is meant by 'biosphere reserves' ? Answer

    Biosphere reserves are the terrrestrial and coastal ecosystems, they are internationally recognized within the framework of UNESCO's Man and Biosphere Programme (MAB)

  17. Howmany Biosphere Reserves in India ? Answer


  18. Howmany tiger reserves in India ? Answer


  19. Howmany National Parks in India ? Answer


  20. Howmany wildlife sanctuaries in India ? Answer


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