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Environmental Science - Part 5

  1. What is “Red Data Book” ? Answer

    A book dealing with threatened animals or plants of any region of the world.

  2. Who prepares Red Data Book global level ? Answer


  3. In how many number of volumes the Red Data Books is published ? Answer


  4. Who combined Red Data Book in India? How many volumes ? Answer

    Botanical Survey of India, in 3 volumes, containing information on endangered plant species

  5. What is “Green Book” ? Answer

    List of rare plants growing in protected areas.

  6. Who compiles Blue Book, what it covers ? Answer

    UNEP, It covers Endangered Species of the world

  7. How many endangered plants in India are mentioned in the IUCN 2000 Red List ? Answer


  8. What is the Chemical Composition of Clean Dry Air ? ( Important, memorize this) Answer

    Nitrogen (N2) -78.08 Oxygen (O2)0.94 Argon (Ar) -0.0934 CO2 -0.035 Neon(Ne) – 0.00182 Helium(He) – 0.00052 Methane (CH4) -0.00015 Krypton (Kr) -0.00011 Nitrous Oxide (N2O) – 0.00005 Hydrogen (H2) – 0.00005 Xenon (Xe) – 0.000009

  9. How much of air, an individual person breath daily ? Answer

    Inhaling about 16 kg of air.

  10. How many times an healthy person breaths a day ? Answer

    Approximately 22,000 times

  11. Acid rain is caused by ? Answer

    Sulphur Dioxide (SO2 ) and Sulphur trioxide (SO3)

  12. What are the sources of Sulphur dioxide ? Answer

    Thermal power plants, petrolium industry, oil refineries

  13. Sulphur dioxide gas is injurious to human beings which causes _________? Answer

    Cardiac and respiratory diseases such as asthma. Bronchitis, eye irritation

  14. How sulphur dioxide affects plants ? Answer

    Dames membrane, chlorophyll destruction, metabolism inhibition and growth yield reduction

  15. Which gas causes corrosion of metals and poisonous ? Answer

    Hydrogen sulphide (H2S)

  16. Smog' is formed in the sunlight by ? Answer

    Nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons

  17. Jets and Aeroplanes emits which gas's in the admosphere and cause global warming ? Answer

    NO2, SO2 and Hydrocarbons

  18. Earth's Water Composition Chart (In %) – Memorize the facts Answer

    Ocean - 97.6 Ice and Snow -2.07 Ground Water -.28 Lakes and reservoirs -.009 Saline lakes -.007 Soil Moisture -.005 Living Organisms -.005 Atmosphere -.001 Swamps and marshes -.003 Rivers and streams -.0001

  19. What is the audiable sound by humanbeings? Answer

    20-20,000Hz, Audio sense is sharpest in the frequency range 2000-8500 Hz.

  20. When atom bomb s were thrown on Hiroshima and Nagazaki ? Answer

    August 6, 1945

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