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Environmental Science - Part 6

  1. What was the component of atom bomb thrown on Hiroshima ? Answer

    Uranium -235U

  2. What was the componenet of atomb bomb thrown on Nagazaki ? Answer

    Plutonium – 239Pu

  3. First hydrogen bomb was exploded in? Where ? Answer

    1954, Bikini Island on Pasific

  4. Where was the first nuclear accident occurred ? Answer

    Chernobyl in Ukkrain (USSR), 1986

  5. Important Facts about Tsunami 2004 Answer

    26th December 2004 India, Srilanka,Malaysiya, Maldives, Thailand affected 1,50,000 dead Fifth most powerful earthquake after 1990, measured 8.9 on richter scale

  6. When National Watershed Development Programme was launched in India ? Answer


  7. Man and Biopsphere (MAB)' Programme was initiated by UNESCO in the year ? Answer


  8. Medha Patekar launched the movement named_______________? Answer

    Narmada Pachha Andolan, to stall the projects of Sardar Sarovar and Narmada Sagar Dam projects

  9. Tree Plantation Ceremony or Vriksharopana Ceremony in India was initiated in 1927 by _____? Answer

    Rabindranath Tagore

  10. What are the green house gases ? Answer

    Chloro Flurou Carbon, Water vapour (H2O), Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide and Methane

  11. By acting as the termal blanket, green house gases ___________ the temperature of earth ? Answer


  12. When was the 'Antartic Ozone Hole' discovered ? Answer


  13. Which destroys Ozone layer ? Answer

    Chloro Fluoro Carbons (CFC) ( CFC is used in refrigerators and AC's)

  14. In which year Boilers act was came in to force in India ? Answer


  15. Factories Act in India was enacted in the Year ____________? Answer


  16. When was the Mines and Minerals (Regulations and Development) Act implemented in India ? Answer


  17. The Industries (Development and Regulation ) Act was enacted in the year ? Answer


  18. The Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act was came in to force in the year __________? Answer

    1981, Amended in 1987

  19. When was the Insecticides Act enacted in India ? Answer


  20. Dengue -a viral disease caused by ? Answer

    White striped mosquito , Aedes aegypti

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