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Environmental Science - Part 7

  1. Kala-azar - a protozoa disease caused by ? Answer

    Leishmania donavai protozoa , transmitted by sand fly

  2. Cholora is caused by ______________? Answer

    Bacteria- vibriop cholerae

  3. Amoebiasis is caused by ____________________? Answer

    Amoebas -Entamoeba histolytica

  4. When was the name AIDS was formed ? Answer


  5. Red ribbeon became an internation symbol of AIDS awareness from the year ? Answer


  6. When was the International conference on AIDS was held ? Where ? Answer

    2000, Durbon (South Africa)

  7. What are te drugs used in AIDS treatment in India ? Answer

    AZT-A\iodothymidine and DDI-Dioxyinosine

  8. HDI (Human Development Index) is measured by which parameters ? Answer

    Life span, Literacy , Standard of Living

  9. What is the PH value of soft drinks ? Answer

    3 to 4

  10. Meaning of the term 'In-situ' in environmental science is _____? Answer

    Conservating wildlife by allocating large portion of earth's surface

  11. What is 'Aquifer' ? Answer

    Underground geographic layers contains water are called as aquifers.

  12. What is 'Artesian well' ? Answer

    A well or a hole in aquifers flows freely on the surface is named as artesian well

  13. When was the Poison Act in India enacted ? Answer


  14. Rivers Board Act in India was came in to force in the year ? Answer


  15. When was the Merchant Shipping (Amendment)Act was enacted ? Answer


  16. Water (prevention and control of pollution) act was enacted in India in the year ? Answer

    1974 , amended in 1988 and 1991

  17. Which year Indian Fisheries act was enacted in India ? Answer


  18. Year of Indian Forest Act ___________? Answer


  19. Prevention of Food Adulteration Act was enacted in India in the year _________? Answer


  20. When was the Ancienct Monuments and archaeological sites and remains act was enacted ? Answer


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