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Tamilnadu School/College Students Scholarship Online monitoring system website - full information

Tamilnadu Government is providing Scholarship for the students studying in schools and colleges. Students belong to BC, SC, ST receives scholarships every year.

Inorder to make the scholarship process genuine and speed service the Tamilnadu Government has introduced online scholarship services management.

By this website, Government directorates, collector officer can monitor the scholarship process and supervise the scsholarship issue process.

Website for online Tamilnadu Online Scholarship

It is an important e-governance
initiative of Tamilnadu Government.

The government has implemented this egovernance in the following schemes.

Scholarship and Educational Assistance to Students
    Online Scholarship for BC and MBC
    Online Scholarship for Adi Dravidar, SC, ST and SCC
    Online Merit Scholarship for Minorities

Online Certificate Services
    Community Certficate
    Nativity Certificate
    Income Certificate
    No Graduate Certificate
    Deserted Women Certificate

Social Welfare Services
    Moovalar Ramamirtham Ammaiyar Ninaivu Marriage Assistance Scheme
    EVR Maniammiyar Ninaivu Widow Daughter Marriage Assistance Scheme
    Annai Terasa Ammaiyar Ninaivu Orphan Girls Marriage Assistance Scheme
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