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How to get success in TNPSC Group 4 Exam in a single attempt | Self Preparation Tips

Getting a Government Job is a dream of most of the youngsters in Tamilnadu today. Main reason can listed as Job Security, Respect / Status in the society, etc. for government employees and the increasing salaries of the Government Employees. The Seventh Pay Commission will give a remarkable increase in the Salaries of both Central and State Government Employees.  Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC)  is being always the number one choice among the job seekers in Tamilnadu for entering into  state government services. TNPSC recruits number of vacancies every year through conducting various examinations like TNPSC Group 4 ExamVAO, Group 2,  Group 2A, Group 1 and other specific departmental exams. There are Government Jobs for almost all qualifications from SSLC to PG / PhD . Among them TNPSC Group IV Exam and Village Administrative Officer (VAO) Exam are the most popular examinations and applied by more than 10 - 15 Lakhs candidates every year from all over Tamilnadu. A candidated who have completed SSLC / 10th Std can  write these two examinations . 

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"Any person, with a strong commitment and desire to succeed the TNPSC Group IV Examination in a very single attempt can surely pass the exam. No need to go for a coaching centre, sincere self study for 3 to 6 month is more than enough to clear the TNPSC Group 4 Exam."

Educational Qualification for TNPSC Group 4 Exam

Any one with a SSLC / 10th Standard qualification from a recognized  board / institution is eligible to apply for the TNPSC Group 4 Exam.

Success Tips for TNPSC Group 4 Examination

As a beginner, to have fundamental knowledge about the syllabus, you may start with Tamilnadu State Board  Books. Cover every line of the 6th Std - 10th Std Science, Social Science Books asper the TNPSC Group 4 Latest Syllabus.

Concentrate more on Pothu Tamil ( General Tamil ) / General English

As Pothu Tamil / General English Portion in TNPSC Group Four Exam  occupies equal marks with General knowledge. You should focus more concentration on General Tamil / General English. In current trend, you should get minimum 95/100 plus correct questions in General English/General Tamil. 

Complete Books List for TNPSC Group 4 Exam Self Preparation is given below

Books For TNPSC Group 4 General Studies Portion 

Primary Study Materials
( Must Study Books, Start with these books)

1.State Board books are considered as primary source of  TNPSC Examinations preparation. They give fundamental to in depth knowledge in all subjects and covers almost every part of the TNPSC syllabus. It is believed that Taminadu Government State Board School Text Books act as one of the important sources for TNPSC Exam Question setting. So you should study following school text books.

i) பொதுத்தமிழ் - 6th-12thவரையிலான தமிழ் பாடப்புத்தகங்கள்
ii) General English - 6th-12th English Books
iii) History, Geography - 6th-10th  Social Science Books
iv) Science - 6th-10th Science Books 
v) Maths - 7th-10th Geometry Portions
vi) Economics -6th,7th,8th,9th,10th Social Science Book and 11th Standard Economics Book

vii) Political Science - 6th-10th Civics Portion  and 12th Political Science Book

To download  School Books Visit Below Official Website

2. Arihant General Knowledge - a must have and most referred book for TNPSC Exams

            Next to Samacheerkalvi books, you have to complete specific portions from the Arihant General knowledge Book. Especially the last 80 pages (General Knowledge Portion) . It is a must have book for all TNPSC Exam Aspirants. Besides General Knowledge, you may also read Indian Polity, Economics, Science Subjects from this book. This is the only book suggested by all coaching centers through out Tamilnadu. Written in simple English, even Tamil Medium Candidates also can easily understand. So both Tamil and English medium aspirants, if you can, try to have a copy of this book immediately.

Arihant GK Alternatives for Tamil Medium Candidates
Persons preparing in Tamil Medium can refer Manorama Year Book or Vikatan Pothu Arivu Kalanjiyam Book for General Knowledge related Syllabus Portions. 

For General English / Pothu Tamil Portions 

For  TNPSC Pothu Tamil and General English portions you should study Tamil / English books from the Samacheerkalvi 6th to 10th standard books and 11th, 12th also ( many syllabus portions mentioned in the GT / GE are available in the 11th and 12th books.)

Note : Though School Books are more than enough for your GT/GE preparation, if  you can afford money, you can purchase any of the guide books available in the market and use it more for practicing as much as model and previous year questions.  For General English, TNPSC Portal's General Studies Book (To be published soon) book is almost comprehensively covers the syllabus portions. 

3. Current Affairs
 1. TNPSC Current Affairs in Tamil and English by TNPSCPortal
   2. Read Newspapers and take your own notes if you have   enough time (Dinamani, The Hindu)  
4. Practice Old Question Papers
    Practice makes you perfect, do practice as much as TNPSC previous year question papers. At first, start practicing SSLC standard question papers such as Group IV, VAO etc. 

Secondary (Additional Books List)
If you finished the above mentioned primary books only, you can refer these books)

11th, 12th School Books (Only Syllabus Portions)
    Science -11th,12th Botany and Zoology if you have time
    History -11th History if you have time
    Polity - 11th,12th Political Science  
    Economy - 11th,12th Economics Books 
    Geography -11th,12th Geography Books 
    Indian Culture - 12th Indian Culture Book 

Guide Books for General Studies (Not Important, if you study all     the above mentioned books).  Any one of the Guides like Tata          Mc Graw Hill, Spectrum or Pearson 

If you can afford money, you can purchase any of the following guide books available in the market for TNPSC Pothu Tamil or General English. 

  • For Pothu Tamil, you can buy any one of Vikatan's ”பொதுத்தமிழ் களஞ்சியம்”/ Kanian Pothu Tamil / Devira's Pothu Tamil Guide Book etc 
  • For General English, "General English for TNPSC Examinations" by TNPSCPortal.In

All the best !

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thanks sir/madam. its very useful for my exam preparation.

my name is robert note my name tis time ill do achive by grace of my lord jesus christ its true. ill bet on it.

my name is robert note my name tis time ill do achive by grace of my lord jesus christ its true. ill bet on it.

Dear Robert ... Advance congrats for your success in tnpsc group 4 exam 2013

Thanks ... For your appreciation and acknowledgement

Surely u ll robert


if we prepare in any one of the guide mentioned above is enough for tnpsc group 4 sir, (or)we need to prepare 6th to 12th books

To succeed in TNPSC Group 4 Exam or any other TNPSC Group exams , Tamilnadu State Board Books are fundamentals and must . So it is recommended you should study atleast 6th to 10th science, tamil, social science books of tamilnadu state board

Thank u sir....

Self confident is first !!! Sure I ll got job in first attempt

Don't loss ur confident boys..!

thanks.this info is very useful.

for those who are writing in tamil any separate preparation for that

Dear Abdullah, Mohamed and all friends......thanks for your comments.....dont loss your faith....study smart not hard..you all will win tnpsc group 4 exam this year...all the best !

i want answer key previous year

pls do upload GENERAL ENGLISH syllabus also.. As soon as possible

pls do upload general english syllabus also

Sorry to say this preparing for group 4 exams, and dont expect help for
silly things you will get the whole syllabus for each and every exam in tnpsc official website.Anybody any guide only to certain limit(Books to read,way of preparation etc).You are asking help for basic thing!!!!!

sir please tell me that, studying as per the syllabus is enough or we have to study whole
6th to 12th book for tnpsc exams.

for basic understanding about the concepts , you have to read the above school books first, then you can study other materials.

i have no community certificate shal i wrt ths exam r nt

i want to know group 4 exam date and online apply date tel me clearly frds

Its very useful

Nice infos - i am also preparing for this exam

For general Tamil, 6th -10th state board Tamil books enough ah...

Great info..thanks. Very useful.

Sir, for general Tamil , 6-10 state board Tamil books .is it enough ? Is any other books needed?

Sir, for general Tamil , 6-10 state board Tamil books .is it enough ? Is any other books needed?

sir/madam i m preparing for group4 exam so can u send some previous year question papers to mail id:sujiramaswamy@gmail.com

sir / madam, i am wrote tnpsc since 2009 bt still now i not got job. what can i do? please suggest my email id. sorimuthumuthu@gmail.com

Wow amazing

i am wrote tnpsc since 2011 bt still now i not got job. what can i do? please suggest my email id. vijay.ova@gmail.com

i want the way of preparing for group 4 exam

sir... Please tell anyone prescribed book to prepare Group 4 written by an author which is available in current markets

i got 126 in vao exam. what is the cutoff for BC?

Thank you sir & Madam.it is very useful for my exam..

I think most of the studant fails to prepare well.because of lazyness.i do,so we should follow above said tips.if we follow & prepare well,we will achive.so frds.dont fed up of anything,we will defenetly serve for the govt,as a govt servent.all the best.

Wat is the cut of vao,i got 196 marks . Sc candidate . .

pls upload the 6th 10 10th social, science materiel

Sir, it is enough to prepare from 6 to 10th std. Books.give some suggestion for general English preparation also to...

I'm new to group exams. I have gone through this page.. Got few tips fr preparing these exams.. But I have dbt whether I'm eligible to write this exam, since I have chosen hindi as my 1st language in. School. So is there any chance I can appear fr any of the group exams. But mother tongue is tamil. Please advise me on this sir.

Thank you in advance

Thank you Sir/Madam Its very use full for my exam preparation....

Sir / madam
Please reply back for our queries soon

Is there any single or 2 or more books which covers most of the syllabus to prepare TNPSC exams.

Thank u sir very use full for exam preparation


thankyou sir /madem

Respected sir/madam,

already three times writtened was group 4 , but this time i taken the mark 115 sir, but call letter yet not received, what can i do sir, kindly some help how to prepare tel me some tips sir.
we are help ful sir.

sir plz tell me how to prepare in short time period ....

handicaped vaipu epadi iruku sir cut off pls details

is type writing is necessary to vao exam or tnpsc examination? plz rly me..

I want to get successe in tnpsc group 2A exam . i choose tamil language to write group 2 exam ... what are the tamil books I should prepare sir.....

Its very useful

Its very useful

its very useful

It's vvvvvvvvvery useful information....i'm doing a job...so how can i prepare in short time for tnpsc exam....anybody else say plz...

It's vvvvvvvvvery useful information....i'm doing a job...so how can i prepare in short time for tnpsc exam....anybody else say plz...

Isn't it enough to just study what is given in the syllabus just 25poems and other stated from no1-20 in poem,about famous people etc,, for general English

When will be the third counciling for tnpsc gr four

im from pondicherry... can i apply for tnpsc grp 4 and can i go with my category or general?
anybody rep im waiting

hi sir... In what month from prepare to current affairs for group 4 exam 2016??


ayeteya Govt.



First of all i like to appreciate your dedicated effort
...You are doing a wonderful job over here....

I have one doubt sir.. which book should I refer for the aptitude portion.....

Friends plz anyone clarify my doubt how many month G.K is required for group 4 preparation it's my first attempt please clarify

english poruthavarai 10,11,12 th google la pdf la varum athu padinga pothum..

basic grammer and poem, poetry ... pothummm

nooooo lucent book padinga D Kessal

Deviravin book vangi padinga frd

Deviravin book padinga

nala confidence sa padinga frd naraiya materials collect pani padinga, general tamil - Deviravin book , General english - 10,11,12 notes, lucent book padinga -GK ku pothum

examination will be in english or tamil ??? subject like general studies will be in tamil ????? plz reply

Robert surely yo will win the tnpsc group 4 because you have Jesus Support surely you wont fail..

sir,i am preparing for group 2aexam,what is the minimum mark(approximately) i have to score to become safe, i belongs to bcm.

where I can get lucent book #divya rubini

where I can get the lucent book

very nice to read all above comments. i really wants to tell you people is be confidence. and don't think if you won't get job.....like that things...

all the best to all......

then pray silently to yourself!

good collection


My question is once i am cleared a group 4 xam.. After getting a job am a gov employee after am eligible or not for other xams such as group 2,1


your govt work years,i think more than 3 yrs or more than 5 yrs(i told approx so Refer Tnpsc notification )..you can't apply tnpsc..But,you may get high posts through dept exam...within one year or 2 year period of joining govt work is no bar to apply other exams..

Is there any interview for VAO exam

Is it very tough to prepare in 1 year??? Am final year student..

In the english newspaper 'THE HINDU' which pary we should concentrate more??

sir, pls tell me some tips and books for group 7b and group 8 exam.

sir advice me some books for gr 7b and gr 8

sir 6 to 12 old book or Samacheerkalvi books padikanuma ?

if any priority are given to the people who write tnpcs in tamil?

when next tnpsc vao exam will come

Super @ Madhu Sudhan.


How to check the results declared date in Sslc mark sheet

Hi sir/ mam..And my Dr frnds...I have no idea to attend gov xams ..Plz help to pass...how I prepare for it?? Please give me some guidance...I am doing MCA 2 nd yr. ...

I need tips to pass group 4 exams sir

Thank you so much. It helped

Arihant minj book is enough for general studies revision?


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