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TNPSC Group IV 2016 Exam Tips : Exam Hall Time Management

Proper Time Management in the Exam Hall will surely benifit you in your TNPSC Exams Success. Here I have listed some useful Time Mananagement Tips to be followed in the Exam Hall.
How many time for every single questions ?

There are generally,  200  Objective Type  Questions in the TNPSC Exams. You will be provided 3 Hours to attend all 200 questions.  The most fruitful idea is to divide the  Exam Duration by Total Number Of Questions.

[ 3 Hours =180 Minutes =     10800 Seconds,   ie,  10800 / 200 =  54 Seconds Per Question]

So you should spend    54 Seconds for Each Questions .

Actually, if you have prepared well, you may finish some questions with in 10 seconds , so remaining time you can use for tough questions in the aptitude area.

Prioritize Questions into Type 1, 2, 3

When you start answering questions, you may come accross some confused, tough or unknown questions. Commonly, candidates get struck at the particular questions and get tension and waste their precious time .

So I advise to prioritize questions into 3 catagories . It doesn't mean that you should read all questions before answering the questions. 

You need to prioritise the Difficult Questions Only not all questions. And strictly answer the following kind of questions after answering all known questions only.

Type 1 :  Confused Questions

If you find some questions confused , note it in the rough sheet as category 1 and skip now. You may attend it after finishing all known questions.

Eg :  -   Type 1 : 23, 45, 77, 89 ....

Type 2 : Tough Questions

You feel this type of questions tough but you can answer them if have some time to think .

Eg :- Type 2 : 5, 8, 98 ....

Type 3 : Answers Unknown

Since TNPSC Current Exam pattern does not have negative marking system, you can answer this type of question as you want. 

All the best !
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