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குரூப் II, IIA 2020 (New Syllabus) Test Batch

குரூப் 2 முதனிலைத் தேர்விற்கான பாடத்திட்டத்தை திட்டமிட்டு குறுகிய காலத்தில் படித்து முடித்து, பயிற்சி செய்வதற்காக மொத்தம் 30 தேர்வுகள் (ஒவ்வொரு தேர்விலும் 200 வினாக்கள்)

New Test Batch Admission Going On
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TNPSC Group 4 Exam - Useful Day Before Exam Preparation Tips

Its a big dream of most of the youth in Tamilnadu to get into a government job under Tamilnadu Government, particularly through exams conducted by Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC). Now you can download the TNPSC Group 4 Exam Hall Ticket from TNPSC 's Official Website .  You have very less days before you for the TNPSC Group 4 Exam .This is the time you should be tension free and revise the portions you have studied till date. Here I have given some Pre-Exam Preparation Tips for the TNPSC Group 4 Exam aspirants.
1.Avoid studying new subjects or facts in the previous day of the exam . Even your friends may confuse you and misguide you to study some new portions, but it is better to avoid them and concentrate on revision.

2.Try to complete atleast one time revision of all portions you have studied till date.

3.Have a clear idea about the Examination centre. You need not visit there before the exam date (waste of time) . But ask your friends or relatives how to reach the place,  bus route, bus numbers, travel time etc.

4.Keep ready you hall ticket, pen, pencil etc at a same place together today itself.

5. Alocate minimum 7 - 8 hours for sleep in the previous day night of the examination.

6.Make sure your presence at the exam centre atleast 1 hour before the exam starting time.

7.Strickly avoid group discussion / group studies / chat with friends in the exam centre.

8.Be in the exam hall before half an hour of the exam time. To keep your mind free and steady , you may have a small prayer.

9. Fill up all your details (Register Number , Name, etc. ) very carefully and cross check them atleast two times after fillup.

10.When you start answering the questions, it is better to start with your favourite subject first. If you are very much confident in ' indian polity / economy / history related questions' attend all the areas under that first. If you are confident in the General Tamil / General English area , attend them first. It will  create a positive wave on you.

11. When you find any questions difficult , don't become tension, leave it and you may attend later. (Dont forget to mark that question  number in the rough work sheet )

12. Read carefully every questions. If you find any confusion or doubt in any question, try to read it in English also, you may get some clarity.   
TNPSCPortal Wish You all the best !


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