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TNPSC Group 1 2015 Preliminary Exam Result, Expected Cut Off Marks Category wise

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TNPSC Published Result of TNPSC Group One Preliminary Exam 2015  . Check soon from http://www.tnpsc.gov.in/results.html

TNPSC Group 1 Exam 2015 Expected Cut Off Marks

TNPSC VAO Exam 2015 Notification Published Apply Online Now

From the responses received till now, we have calculated the Group 1 2015 expected cut off marks as follows.

***TNPSC Group 1 Exam 2015 Cut off is given in Number of Correct Questions with the TNPSC Official Answerkey.  *** 

We thank all TNPSCPortal visitors for your  feed back after writing the Group 1 Prelims exam. Our Cut off prediction is almost near to the recent Group 1 results. For example, for BC candidates we gave 115 +/-3 correct questions, now it become nearly 118 correct questions. All the other categories cut off also nearly same as our prediction. 

(± 3 Questions )

Once you checked the Official Answerkey of TNPSC Group 1 exam 2015, you may fill the below form to help us to predict the TNPSC Group 1 2015 Expected Cutoff marks. 

To see the responses of other visitors Click Here

What was the Cut Off for TNPSC Group 1 Prelims 2014 Exam ? 

TNPSC has not yet published the TNPSC Group 1 2014 Exam Official Cut off mark details in its website http://www.tnpsc.gov.in/cut-off-marks.html . But from the Group 1 2014 prelims result it is assessed that the Cut off   was around 120 +/- 2  Correct Questions for BC candidates and slightly vary for other categories. 

How was the Group 1 2015 Exam ? 

(In the first 300 respondents) 

   Easy - 31

   Difficult - 72

   Medium - 190 

----------------------Gr 1 2014 Exam Cut Off Details------------------ TNPSC Group 1 Preliminary Exam 2014 Result published Check soon. 
Visit TNPSC Group 1 Result - Official Website Link

Direct Link for the Result 

Screen Shot of www.tnpsc.gov.in/results.html
15-01-2015 : The  most awaited result of  the TNPSC Group 1 Preliminary Exam 2014 is expected to be published very soon . On 30.12.2014,  respected TNPSC Chairman hinted about the Group 1 Result Date, he informed that  TNPSC Group I Exam Result will be published with in two weeks. So now the two weeks are already over and the results may be published any time in this week. All the best !

05-01-2015 : Will there be any increase in the TNPSC Group 1 Age Limit as the UPSC did last year ? - A news from today's Tamil Hindu News Paper. Read more.

30-12-2014 : TNPSC Group 1 Result  of Preliminary Examination  2014 will be published with in 12 days - TNPSC Chairman informed today. He also informed that the TNPSC Annual Planner 2015-2016 will be published with in January 2015.

22-12-2014 :  TNPSC Group 1 Preliminary Exam 2014 Result in 15 Days : TNPSC Chairman , during his visit at TNPSC Group 4 Exam Centre in Chennai has informed yesterday that the TNPSC Group 1 Preliminary Exam 2014 Result will be published with in 15 days. News Source : Daily Thanthi Newspaper, 22-12-2014.

18-12-2014 : TNPSC has published the most expected VAO Result 2014 on 15-12-2014 and  TNPSC Group 2 A Result on 12-12-2014 .  Most probably the TNPSC Group 1 Exam results also may be published with in this week or next week. 

05-12-2014 : On 02-12-2014, the TNPSC Chairman has informed that the result of TNPSC VAO Exam and Group 2A Exam will be published with in 15-12-2014 . So we can also expect the TNPSC Group 1 Preliminary Exam Result also with in this December 2014.

17-11-2014 :  TNPSC Group 1 Exam Results are expected to be published in the month of December 2014. Though there is no official notice from TNPSC regarding the Group 1 Results, we can expect this based on TNPSC Chairman's press meet speech on 08-11-2014. During his visit to the Group 2 Mains Exam Centres, the TNPSC Chairman has informed the media persons that, the TNPSC VAO Exam 2014 Results will be published with in three or four weeks and all other exam results may be published following that. So most probably, the Gr 1 Prelims Exam also expected in the first week of December 2014. I advise all TNPSC Group 1 Exam aspirants, if you are confident enough with your cut off in the Group 1 Preliminary Exam, start your preparation for the Group 1 Mains Exam from now itself. All the best !

Download TNPSC Group 1 Preliminary Exam 2014 Answer Key in Compressed format.

TNPSC  Group 1 Exam Official Answer Key Issued Check Soon.  in the TNPSC official website. The result of this year Group 1 Exam is expected to be published in the month of November or December 2014. 

TNPSC Group 1 Official Key is 10 MP  ( very difficult to download if you have slow internet connection)  You can download Compressed and Low Resolution File of Only 3 MP pdf .
Go to the following link >>> File>>>Download

tnpsc group one 08-11-2015 exam cut off marks

TNPSC Portal's Expected Cut off (Number of Correct Questions)

(± 2 Questions )
OC 125
BC 120
BCM 117
MBC 120
SC 112
SC(A) 103
ST 95
If you agree this Cut Off , click  G+

Note : This cut off will be revised after the TNPSC's Official Answer Key release with more respondents. This is just an assumption based on responses received from TNPSCPortal visitors, the original cut off may slightly vary from the above. 

How to Prepare for TNPSC Group 1 Mains Exam ?

Are you confident with the cut off , start your TNPSC Group 1 Mains preparation now itself  ClICK HERE to see the important books list for TNPSC Group 1 Mains Exam Self Preparation

Exam Pattern and Scheme of Examination for Group Mains Exam

General Studies Paper – I    - 300 Marks
General Studies Paper – II   - 300 Marks
General Studies Paper – III  - 300 Marks
Interview and Record          - 120 Marks

Syllabus for TNPSC Group 1 Mains Exam ( COMBINED CIVIL SERVICES - I)
PAPER – 1 

1. Modern history of India and Indian culture
2. General Mental Ability
3. Role and impact of science and technology in the development of India and Tamil Nadu

PAPER – 2 

1. Indian polity and emerging political trends across the world affecting India and Geography of India.
2. Tamil Society, its culture and heritage / English language skills
3. Administration of Union and States with special reference to Tamil Nadu

PAPER – 3 

1. Current events of national and international importance
2. Current Economic Trends: Indian Economy and Impact of Global        Economy on India

3. Socio Economic problems of India and Tamil Nadu.

For detailed Group 1 Mains syllabus  (Click Here)

You can also download the latest syllabus from the TNPSC Website 

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Hi i am rajeena..BC MUSLIM FEMALE...i was 105 questions correct in.group 1 held on july 20. ...what about my chances to get select.?

Comparing to last year, this time the cut off is expected to be lower than last year because of increase in number of vacancies. For BCM Women, 115 + will be safe

Sir, I m Merin,i got 124 correct according to key..BC Female.can i get any chance? Seriosly preparing for group1 for past one year.thank you

Hi am bc male i l get 116,is there any chance


I was correct on 123 questions in the Group 1 held on 20th. Hope there may be a variation of 1 or 2 marks on some of the contagious questions. Could you please let me know for any chances. I am a MBC candidate.

Thanks and Regards,

You have good marks.... all the best !

chances are there but not confirm

good score ... all the best !

i got 121 questions correct...i belongs to SCA...is there any chance

I got 121 correct answers. Am a BC candidate. Whats the expected cutoff for BC female?

hi.. im getting above 115... im mbc candidate.... is ter any chance to get thru...

chances are there....start your mains preparation

good chance is there....prepare for mains

I'm a male from SC community. I got 104 questions correct ... Will I get throughThrough

sir i got 115 S.C male . is there a chance?

sir i got 115 S.C male candidate im much worrried . will i get selected or not? pls reply sir
thank you

I got 134 . BC MALE. What is my chance fr mains

my score is 137 am BC male. what abt the possibility?


Hi i got 120+ in group 1 . I belong to OC community (male) should i start preparing for mains.... is there any chance plz help

i got 120 questions correct and i belong to sc-male ...do i have a chance for mains

sir i am bc male i got 127 qns whats possibilty

Thank u sir :-)

What will be the cut off for OC candidates?

hi i am naga .schedule tribes.105 question correct.can i have a any chance

Hi,am BC Female.scored 106 in Group 1 exam.Is there any chance for clearing the prelims?


i got 98 sc

hi i am selvi.I am SC female candidate.Is got 99 marks.Is there any chance for me for mains.

hi sir.. i am mbc candidate.. i have 128+ question correct.. is there any chance for me to clear this stage..??

I'm getting 116 + and I belongs to BC female is there a chance

sir im getting 115...im BC canditate....is there any chance to get thro...

Dear sir, I got 113 , belongs to SC Male. Is there any chance.

I belong to general category...male candidate..110 questions correct..how r my chances..

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi Sir..

I'm Padma. I got 114 correct answer. I'm belonging to BC community. Shall i start preparing for mains? is there any chance for me to go beyond?

I got 123 marks,i am a male bcm candidate,what about the chances

hi i am sc female ...i got 99 marks...is there any chance for mains

Hello Sir, I am BC female. I m getting 125 marks in group 1. Is there any chance of clearing sir? Please reply sir

Sir i am getting 125 General category... Male...What are my chances for Mains....

121 sc male is there a chance

sir i got 109 right answers and belongs to SC can i get a chance

i got 124.BC male.whats my chances of selection.


i got 122 questions correct. i left 2 questions unanswered...it may cause any problem ?

hi my mark is 132 in prelims as per nr ias key,22 yrs,bc women...pls tell my chance of clearing prelims
thank you

kavitha singam

I am General Male candidate.I got 140 , What is my chance of selection?

Sir I got 122 questions correct and i belong to SC community .Is there any chance for clearing the prelims .If any chance please guide how to prepare for mains .Awaiting for your reply .

sir, i m belongs to schedule tribes community.92 questions are correct.can i have any chance?

I got 126 questions correct as per radians key BCM male , how about my chances for appearing mains .

Sorry ..this time cut off will be around 135 for general category..

hello all,
how u can get this much of mark..? did u study any coaching centre..? please advise which centre u studied?

Hi i got 132 correct in Group 1. I am MBC male can i clear prelims.?

I am belong to sc.A i scored 95 marks is there any chance for mains .reply me sir by premalatha

I amfemale belong to sc A i scored 95 marks is there any chance for mains sir.plz reply me sir .

I belong to BC category.137+/200 are correct.what r my chances?

i got 122 questions right;
i belong to MBC
could i clear prelims

im bc female got 90 marks any chance for ??

i got 122 questions correct
i belong to MBC
could i get through prelims

All the best! prepare for your main exam.

what will be the cut off nearly 80,000 people has appeared for the examination, if the selection was in the ratio of 1:50 of the vacancies, then 4000 will get admission for the mains. the cut will go from 90+ is this possible..

Yes I agree, this time we can expect lower cut off for all categories

Sure chance....keep going

sure chance is there.....prepare for mains

Very good mark....sure chance...start mains preparation

more chances are there ....but not sure....anyhow start mains preparation....all the best !

sure chance is there.....start mains

Chances are there....start preparing mains

chances are there....not sure

Start your tnpsc group 1 mains preparation

you got it....start ur mains preparation....all the best !

no problem....whats your community

Chances are there.....but not sure

chances are there ....start mains preparation

yes .... chances are there....move forward

yes.... chances are there....move forward

confirm...all the best friend ! .....start mains preparation

Yes , you got it....start mains preparation

chances are there....but not sure

yes chances are there....start mains preparation

chances are there....start mains preparation

chances are there....but not sure friend

chances are there....start mains preparation

move forward....chances are there

chances are there....start mains preparation

chances are there....but not sure

start your mains preparation

i got 85 questions female corrent
mbc caditate

i got 110 ques out of 200 . belongs to mbc male ,is it possible to appear for mains

SCA sir ...chances are thr ah ?

Sca female. 110. Shd I prepare for mains?

start your mains preparation today

sure sir..thanks :)

Sir I got 117 bc female is there is chance

Respected Sir,
What abot BC PSTM Cutoff

nice post ... i got 133 mbc male ..

Sir please provide guidance for mains preparation..as iam not attending any coaching...provide us sources to refer and approach to writing answers

sir i got 131 questions correct. i am BC male candidate .what about my chances. is there is any change in cutoff. mentioned above sir.BY EPSK

Mr.Kessel..i am a BC muslim male..i am getting around 108/200...is der any chance??

last time BC cut off was nearly 126 ....this time due to increased number of postings 4000/80000 will have chance to write main exam....so you can start your mains preparation...all the best !

Sir I got 180/200. I belong to sc.. Male.. Is there any chance?

Great score, if its real ....you may be the topper of this year group 1 prelims

Merin ,,,u ve chance ,,,dont waste the time n start preparing now onward..

Ya dont waste the time N start preparing for the mains ..ALL the BEST

Sir I got 105 BC female. Is there any chance

Which is the best coaching class in chennai for GR 1 mains.

I am a female , I belong to SC community. According to the coaching centers keys , my score 128. So my chance to be selected ? Sir

Sir I got 130 Bc male... Will I clear preliminary exam...

i belong to sc community. according to coaching centres key my score is 126 (questions correct). am a female. is there any chance?

Dear Sir, i m geting 138 currect but i am not from tamilnadu. is there any a chance...

Sir, I am geting 138 currect but belongs to other state..what is the chance

Sir , I got 118.Will I pass in prelims? I am BC male

Sir I got 182/200.I belong to BC.. Male.. Is there any chance?

Dear Anonymous,
Pls refer it:http://www.tnpscportal.in/2014/07/ias-civil-servive-coaching-centres-in-chennai.html

what is the next tnpsc recruitment sir pls rly me

Sir ...i got 111 MBC female...is there any chance....shall i start preparin...

I got 126/200 I am BC male is there any chance ?

Dear Praveen,
Prepare for your mains.

Group 4

Sir, I got 117/200 belongs to MBC/DNC Male. Any possibility to get into Mains.

Sure sir.Is it possible to clear mains without coaching?I am currently preparing with following books. Indian polity,Pub ad(laxmi kanth),Indian economics(ramesh singh),Geography(majid hussain) aptitude (rs agarwal) history (dharmarajan)and all important school books.coaching is essential to clear exam????

Hello sir,i l get 103 bc,is there any chances

Yes one can clear the TNPSC Group 1 Mains exam with out going to coaching centre....if you have money and opportunity you can attend the coaching centres

hello sir,....i got 128 BC male...is there any chance?

Yes ....start your mains preparation

Yes you can start your mains preparation.....but not sure....the cut off will fall upto 111

Most probably the next announcement from TNPSC may be TNPSC Group 4 Exam 2014

there are chances.....start your mains preparation

Good score for SC women......start your mains preparation

you may get chance ....not sure

Sure.....more chances....start your mains preparation now

nice score .....start your mains preparation friend

Sure ....if the mark is real...you may be among toppers list

Sir,iam getting 123 marks.mbc female .shall i clear prelims?

Respected sir,I am getting 120 questions correct.BC MALE. can i clear?

Respected sir ,I am getting 120 questions correct.BC MALE.Can I clear it?

hello sir im diwan BCM male my group 1 mark is 115 if any chances for MAin exam pls reply

Sir, am Sc women 103 cut off. Any chance to clear prelims.shall I start preparing for mains.

sir,I got 145+/200 and 135+/200 in group 2a & gp 1.I belong to bc female.How r my chances?And also please clear my doubt.If 2 answers r correct for the same question, then will they give marks for both?

Sir, when will be the g1 mains?

for group 1 prelims you will get it....and group 2a you have to wait

Sir,iam getting 123 marks.mbc female .shall i clear prelims?

start your mains preparation

hai iam getting 80+ sc female .is there any chonce

hai sc female get 85 chance are there

sir, i got 118 correct, i belong to mbc female, is there any chance?

Sir.I'm getting 93+mbc/ph candidate. Is there any chances.

Sir,I'm mbc disabled candidate.I'm getting 93questions.is there any chance?

Sir,122 male MBC-Shall i have chance for mains

Sir 122,male-MBC ,There chance for mains

Dear Kessal, If the cut off around 120 for BC then what will be the least mark who can clear prelims (ie., upto 110 or 105). In Last year few are cleared prelims by scoring around 120 and i am not sure which is the least who were cleared prelims. Any guess?

Sir I am manikandan.I got 114 questions correct in this exam.any chance sir.I am BC male.

i got 140 BC male this time question is easy

Sir, I got 103 correct and sc women.any chance to clear.

hello, i scored 92 in group1. i belong to SC female. is there any chance ?

TNPSC key released.114 qns. Correct BC Male.3 or 4 ans may also be correct as some are given wrong in tnpsc key.can I qualify for mains?

114 questions correct with official key
BC male
Any chances??

Hi I am SC female candidate ...My score is 90...Is there any chance for me?

Hello Guys,
59) Answer cannot determine
4)answer D
63) 2001-2002
187) A and D are correct answer

As per the i am getting 125. i need clarification on the above qus

I am belong to BC category 125 are correct. around 5 am having clarification

any chance for 2 round?

sc female-114/200 is there any chance to clear?

Sir I got 115 BC female is there is chance of clearing?

Hello Sir,

I got around 118 qns correct as per the TNPSC Key. 3 more need clarifications as
TNPSC keys seem to be wrong. Will there be a chance this time to appear for mains. I am a MBC male


Hello Sir.. I m BC Male.. 125 questions correct as per TNPSC Key.. Is it enough ?

Hello friends,

Could you please give some input on the qns

200 ) Option (a) and (d) is wrong as the drafting committee was formed only in august 1947 and submitted its first report by February 1948 not Feb 1947

187 ) Malaria and Dengue both are not caused by Bacteria. So a and d are correct

115) none of the choices seem to be relevant for setting up of bokaro plant

63 ) SSA as per many books started in 2002. So this option is also doubtful

Could you please give your suggestions.

Thanks and Regards,

sir, i got 125 marks, group 1 2014, bc community, hw much chance


sir, i got 126 as per tnpsc official key,group 1 2014, BC male, is there chance sir

Sir i got 103 as per tnpsc keys...
MBC FEMALE....is there any chances shall i start my mains preparation

Hi friend,
I too have the same doubt.And also in the question regarding women's assault,C-teasing is also against woman.Then I,II,III also correct.will tnpsc will again change the keys?

Dear Sir, There is more different for NR & Radian key with TNPSC key, Iam SC Male with 106, I am lot confused, Is there any chance to clear prelims. Please guide me.

Good score for SC female

sir , as per my solution, tnpsc gave 8 wrong answers... it says that we could represent our ans ..... but dont know what's the procedure?? could u tell me? leaving those 8 ans, am getting 123/200 . am sc female. would i get through prelimns?

I scored 112 as per tnpsc official key and I m belonging to BC PSTM category is there any chance sir

My mark was 112 as per tnpsc key belonging to BC PSTM category is there any chance sir

185) Graphene is used in both quantum computers as well as water purifier. Both C and D are correct

118, SC Male. Mains?

yes proceed friend...there are chances

Chances are there...not sure

start your mains preparation...but not sure

Sure chance .....start you mains preparation now

chance is there....start mains preparation

good score...start your mains

not sure....cut off may some time lower to 100s

hi sir,

i got 116 questions correct as per Tnpsc key...i belongs to SCA ... any chance for the mains


108, SC male .. shall i start for mains preparation?

115 SCA male....any chance for mains..plz reply

Dear Kessal,
Thanks for your 3MB Tnpsc Key coz most of the people got slow connection.It's very useful.Thanks

114 sc male any chance?

dear sir iam getting 119 as per tnpsc key,mbc,female.shall i clear prelims?

i got 115/200 in group1 prelims. BC female. Some of the answers in the key seems to be wrong. leaving that, im getting 115. what r my chances?

Yes.....start your mains preparation

Welcome friend....what is your score ?

yes , you may get call for mains , start mains preparation....

sure .....go for mains preparation

dear sir iam getting 119 as per tnpsc key,mbc,female.shall i clear prelims?

I'm getting 113.is there any chance to clear prilims

sir i got 110 BC male .Is there any chances?

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