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குரூப் 2,2A 2019 (New Syllabus) Test Batch Admission Going On ! Download Test Batch Schedule Tamil English

Syllabus - Week 2

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Test Date : 26-10-2014

TNPSCPortal Online Coaching Syllabus for Week – 2
Science 7th Std Science 1-8 Chapters
1.Animals in daily life
2.Nutrition in Plants and Animals
3.Human body form and formation
4.Plant Morphology
5.Basis of classification
6.Respiration in Plants and Animals
7.Eco System
8.Water Resource
Social Science  7th Std Social Science
History (Full 7 Chapters)
1.North Indian kingdoms -the Rajputs
2.Kingdoms of Deccan
3.South Indian Kingdoms
4.Arab and Turkish invasions
5.Sulatanate of Delhi
6.Vijayanagar and Bamini kingdoms
7.Bhakti and sufi movements
General Knowledge  Indian Space Programmes (Download)
Current Affairs  July 2014 Full - Download
General Mental Ability  Number System related questions
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