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Daily Current Affairs for 21st to 24th Oct 2017 Part-2 ( English)

1.  Astronomers discovered  Kronos, Sun like planet- eater. The star has been named after a Greek mythological character,Titan, who ate his own children including Poseidon ( well known as the planet Neptune), Hades( Pluto) and three daughters is 350 light years away from planet earth.
2.  USS Constitution, the world’s oldest warship took off on its first sail since three years on 20th Oct 2017. The ship sailed from Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston to Fort Independence on Castle Island to celebrate US Navy’s 242nd birthday and 220th anniversary of the iconic vessel’s maiden voyage.
3.  Lake Baikal , the world’s deepest lake is undergoing its gravest crisis in recent history , according to experts. Lake Baikal is situated in Russia’s Siberia region.
4.  International Space Agency NASA revealed that a mysterious world called planet nine does exist in the solar system.
5.       NASA has announced that it would be extending the dawn mission at Ceres until its hydrazine fuel runs out , after which it will continue to remain in stable orbit around the dwarf planet.
6.       Ranjith Kumar resigned as Solicitor- General of India after Mukul Rohatgi as Attorney-general of India in 2017.
7.       2nd World Congress on Marxism to be held in Beijing. The congress is sponsored by Peking University of China.
8.       WHO removed Robert Mugabe as Goodwill ambassador for Non-communicable diseases in Africa.
9.       The election department of Meghalaya state has won an entry in the Limca Book of Records for forming a human logo with newly enrolled young voters of Meghalaya on 1st July 2017.
10.   Nicaragua, the Central American Country signed the Paris Agreement on climate change leaving the United States and Syria as the only two countries holing out to sign this global climate pact.
11.   People not required to stand up in the movie halls to prove their patriotism. The Supreme Court of India observed and asked the Central Government to consider amending the decree for regulating playing of national anthem in cinema halls.
12.   The Madras High Court has banned the use of  photographs or pictures of living persons on banners, flex boards and signboards across the state of Tamilnadu. Justice Vaidyanathan passed the order while hearing  a PIL filed by B Thirulochana Kumari , a resident of Rani Anna Nagar.

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