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General English for TNPSC Examinations by Sarala Dhavamanoharan | TNPSCPortal.IN

TNPSCPortal.In's first publication, "General English for TNPSC Examinations" is on book stores now.
Salient Features of the book
☞ Comprehensive Study Material for TNPSC General English
☞ All the contents relevant to TNPSC General English Syllabus from 6th to 12th School Books have been compiled in a single book
☞ Practice Questions at the end of each topic 
☞ The only book which covers 2500 + Previous Year Questions (2011-2017) with Answers categorized topic wise

Book Details 
Author : Ms.Sarala Dhavamanoharan
Publisher : TNPSCPortal.In Publication
First Edition : December 2017
Number of Pages : xii, 796
Price : Rs.420/-

Buy the book online with a single click from the below link (Rs.420/- + Rs.50/- for Courier Charges) 
Feedback from an Aspirant

For More Information Please contact 8778799470 / 8870976580

tnpsc general english book


is it enough for general english sir

Yes its enough , you need not go back to school books

பொது தமிழ் ku இதுமாதிரி இருக்கா..??

Sir I have paid for the book today when I will receive it

Today I have received the book.

Book Covered all the topics based on the book as per syllabus ( Newly added lessons also available)

TNPSC Syllabus topic wise previous year questions are there.
Excercise are there PART wise (Part A, Part B and Part C)
I will be stronly recommnding this for General English aspirants

Thanks to TNPSC portal for publishing this book

Dear Dinesh, Thank you for your review. All the best !

plz say book for general tamil also...say soon

Sir,Good Afternoon.Today I have Paid for this Book Sir..When can I receive this Book... Please Reply me Sir..

we have couriered through professional courier today , you may get it delivered tomorrow

Enter your comment...whether book covers book back grammar and answers

Yes it has covered all book back questions

Ipo apply pana epo kidaikum exam vanthuruchu

Sir, whether this book is enough for group2 ???

Sir my group4 Mark 160/200 chance erukka sc candidate

Mam whom to contact if I paid for the book and not yet received .how can we barely trust you or else it would be better if its availabe in amazon etc..

Dear Kalaivanan, dont worry, you may reach as any time between 8AM to 8PM in the below numbers, it is given in the above post also.
//For More Information Please contact 8778799470 / 8870976580 //

It would be helpful for the tnpsc aspirants, if you compile and publish the general studies book also..

This comment has been removed by the author.

we have covered 100% syllabus in the book...you may get even centum if u prepare well

Sir Do you have the book for General studies and mental ability as same as General English.

Can I get this book at Moore market Chennai

Whether the book is covered with as per new syallabus of 6std,9std 11std1.

no its comprehensively covers previous books..... note, the present General English book is only based on previous books

Sir I ordered the book yesterday.. when i get the book?

u will receive with in three days

Received the book today and satisfied with it

Whether I have to prepare separately based on 6th,9th and 11th which has new syllabus ..Though if I buy this book?

we have covered all the portions from old text books, new text books are not necessary , tnpsc Gen Eng syllabus based on old text books only

Thank u for ur good words . All the best !

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