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How to prepare for TNPSC Group 1 Exam from your home ? | A Comprehensive Guidance

As we all know, the year 2013 was a milestone in the history of TNPSC.  Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission introduced revolutionary changes in Syllabus, Question Pattern etc. in almost all Examinations. We could see a rebirth of TNPSC with very new pattern of examinations and fully revised syllabus . Previously, more number of candidates  trained by coaching centres could only clear the examination easily and the students who didn't get opportunity to join in a coaching centre were struggling a lot to get a job through Examinations conducted by TNPSC .

"Important Book List for TNPSC Group 1 Preliminary Exam 2016"
       I strongly believe that, here after we could see a tremendous change in the TNPSC question pattern and it will increase  the number of successful candidates from out of coaching centres. Any one who do not have access to the coaching centres can also easily succeed in the TNPSC Exams. The Group 1 new question pattern is  asked more analytical than too much factual as previous years question papers. You too can win the race if you are  one with  sincere efforts, continuous hard work and perseverance . No need to go to a coaching centre. You can prepare in your home whether you may working or home maker.

TNPSC Group 1 Exam is considered as the Top Most Government Examination for  Tamilnadu  State Civil Services. As Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts 'All India Civil Services' Examinations every year to recruit the top most posts in the country like IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, etc, each state in India has their own exams to recruit the State Civil Servants. In Tamilnadu TNPSC is the powerful agency to recruit State Government Civil Services Officers. There are number of service exams like TNPSC Group 1, Group 1 A, Group 1 B, Group 2, Group 2 A, Group 3, Group 4, Group 5 A, Group 7, Group 8 and VAO.  TNPSC Group 1 is the Top Most Exam among the above list. A candidate selected in the TNPSC Group 1 Exam as Deputy Collector,  DSP will be promoted to IAS and IPS posts respectively.

Posts Included in TNPSC Group 1 Examination
  •     Deputy Collector  
  •     Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) (Category-I)
  •     Deputy Registrar of Co-operative Societies
  •     Assistant Director of Rural Development Department.
  •     Assistant Commissioner in the  Hindu Religious     
  •     Assistant Commissioner - Commercial Tax officer
  •     District Registrar
  •     Divisional Officer in Fire and Rescue services Department
  •     Assistant Conservator of Forest
  •     District Employment Officer 

TNPSC Group 1 Exam Qualification   : Any  Degree from a recognized University  

Age Limit for TNPSC Group 1 Exam  : Minimum 21 Years, Maximum - 35 years for SC/ST/BC/MBC, Others- 30 Years

3   Level in TNPSC Group 1 Exam 


New Revised Syllabus for TNPSC Group 1 Exam from this year 2013

TNPSC Group 1 Preliminary Examination - New Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Group 1 Syllabus in Tamil and Important Books List Subject wise

TNPSC Group 1 Main Examination - New Syllabus and Exam Pattern

TNPSC Group 1 Preliminary Examination New Exam Pattern

Total Questions  - 200, ( General Studies - 150 Questions and Aptitude Test - 50 Questions )

Total Marks       - 300 marks (Objective type)

TNPSC Group 1 Preliminary Exam Syllabus for General Studies or GK

  • UNIT – I - General science
  • UNIT - II. Current Events,
  • UNIT – III Geography
  • UNIT – IV History and culture of India
TNPSC Group 1 Mains Exam- Pattern and Scheme of Examination

General Studies Paper – I    - 300 Marks
General Studies Paper – II   - 300 Marks
General Studies Paper – III  - 300 Marks
Interview and Record          - 120 Marks
  • All papers will be degree  standard and descriptive Type
  • The question papers will be set both in Tamil and in English.
  • Candidats are allowed to answer the Main Written Examination either in Tamil or in English or partly in Tamil and partly in English and arealso allowed to write Technical words wherever necessary in either ofthe languages
How to Prepare for TNPSC Group 1 Exam ?

"Rome wasn't built in a day"

Since, TNPSC Group 1 Examination is the highest State Civil Service Exam in our Tamilnadu, competition is high and you need to show your full commitment, sincerity and hard work to get success in this exam. With sincere hard work, it is possible to anyone to succeed in the examination.  

TNPSC Group I Preliminary Exam

Every year there will be 50 to 100 vacancies in the Group 1 Exam,  if you have  full commitment and hard work, you too can become a successful person in the Group 1 Exam with in a year of preparation.

To start  Group 1 preliminary examination preparation, you should begin with Tamilnadu State Board  Science, Social Science Books from 6th Standard to 10 Standard  (Cover 11th , 12th Political Scienc, Economics, Geography and Biology subjects.) 

Buy  Tata Mc Graw Hill or Spectrum General Studies Manuals (Though state board books are enough, get any of the books for ready reference for all subjects.)

Read regularly a standard newspaper in Tamil . 

Read any one of the Competitive Exam Magazine (Tamil or English)

Cover current affairs of at least  last one year.

Concentrate more on Tamilnadu Related General Knowledge.

Refer the following link for the comprehensive books list for TNPSC Group 1 Preliminary and Main Exam Preparation. 


How www.tnpscportal.in website can Help  you?
  • Comprehensive study material covering all syllabus areas.
  • Daily online tests to test your knowledge
  • Model question papers
  • Periodically updated current affairs.
  • Free on-line guidance
  •  Answers and clarification to your questions immediately.
 To receive daily email alerts please register your name in TNPSC Portal.

TNPSC Group 1 Exam Latest News
New Changes  in TNPSC Group 1 Main Exam 
TNPSC has revolutionized the TNPSC Group 1 Main Examination Question Pattern also. The latest  changes are mainly focused on quality of the question type. Particularly the questions were more analytical than factual.

Previous Years Question Pattern

Questions were One Mark, Two Marks, Five Marks and Fifteem Marks type.
The questions were asked more factual than analytical.

New Changes in TNPSC Group 1 Main Examination

The new question set includes 3 Marks, 8 Marks and 15 Marks questions.
The questions were asked more analytical rather than factual.

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sir when will be group 2 notifications come???

With in two days group 2 notification will be published . Source dailythanthi.com news

Sir, how to prepare for GR2 Exam?
please give some idea?
i studied 6th to 10th social and science state books..
other than that, what i want to study?
pls reply me sir

Sir, I am doing final year, if the notification for group 1 comes in next year means will I be able write?

Dear Swapna, I have already given many tips for TNPSC Group 2 Exam Preparation. Please visit the full site for more information.

Dear Nivetha , You should have completed your degree on the date of TNPSC Group 1 2013 Exam Announcement.

Sir when will be the group 1 notification.. Pls reply

Dear nandhini..... the TNPSC Group 1 Exam Announcement 2013 is expected most probably in the month December 2013. But some chances are there, it may come earlier also. Be prepared....all the best !

Sir...in this website you are published books to be prepared for both prelim &main in a combined manner..so plz give me the books for mains seperately..

Sir, i am currently working in Indiapost as Postal Assistant and willing to upgrade my career by choosing Group I exams. Currently i have completed 28 years of age and 2+ years of work experience in Govt.Sector. Is there any restrictions (years of experience) for people like me working in Govt sector to compete TNPSC GROUP EXAMS? Pls guide me in this regard.

sir am goi to prepare for group 1 for the 1st time... how many months needed to prepare for the 1st time... should iprepare for prelim and main seperately... can i study all in 3 months? i don know how to start and study in a systematic manner..............

Dear Kessal,
Which books do i need to refer to for Prelims as of now. the above shared link seems to have for both Prelims and Main exams... Thanks!

sir u told interview and record the mark is 150. what is record? should i submit any record................? plz tell me sir.................

Dear sir,

I Completer my B.Tech in Part time after completition of my Diplomo in Regular studies, weather am i eligible for Group-1 exams.

Please provide materials in Tamil

Thank u for ur guidance.please provide materials for studying each subject & weekly test for group1&group2 mains ...start soon sir..thank u for providing such a useful website sir..

Thank you for your appreciation.

Yes you are eligible to apply for TNPSC Group 1 Exam

Its a term refers your certificates

TNPSC Group 1 Exam Preparation can be done in 3 months or 3 years, it depends up on your eagerness, hardwork and speed

sir now iam aply for group 1 for sub collector he 6 to 12th books are really enough?????

State board books are basic for all tnpsce group exams ... After completing those you may have to refer some more text books

sir can u please provide previous year group-1 question papers with answers

what are the eligibile for d.e.o exam? pls reply

can any one please help me with the link to buy group 1 preliminary exam book online, ? Thanks

sir i am bit confused some of my friends sujest me to prepare from the book which is released in the market recently for group 1 exams is it enough or should prepare the books which you have mentioned above please guide me sir

Dear priya you can find the previous year TNPSC Group 1 Question Paper for the year 2013


If you are in chennai ...pls go for success book house adyar or anna nagar, they have large collection of TNPSC books

Dear dinu, you can study what ever the book you consider as best. But be clear that you should complete the school books which i have mentioined here throughly, and then Indian polity by Lakshmikanth. After that you can go for guide book. You will find most of the facts you studied will be in those books.

you have mentioned here that 150 ques fr general studies and 50 fr aptitude nd reasoning..what abt english part in tat?how many questions r gonna asked in english part if it included in general studies..nd wat r d syllabus?

sir,i hav doubt.here u hav mentioned tat 150 ques fr general studies and 50 ques fr aptitude and reasoning..if it so,wat abt d english part?is tat included in general studies itself?if it so hw many ques gonna ask in english part?and wat r d syllabus fr tat?bcz,i can find the syllabus fr general english syllabus fr group2 and couldnt find out group1 general eng syllabus?pls help me t clear out.

i hav doubt tat u r mentioned here tat 150 ques fr general studies and 50 fr aptitude.if it so,wat abt general english part?is tat included in general studies?hw many ques allocated t it?wat r d syllabus to prepare general english?i couldnt find our general eng syllabus for this group1 exam.

Dear Jenifer,

In TNPSC Group 1 Exam there is no Language Papers, only single paper for GS.

friend, I already informed you that there is no General Tamil or General English in TNPSC Group 1 Preliminary Exam. They are available for TNPSC Group 2 and lower exams only

Sir, what kind of books prepare for Group I Examination Please advice

Sir, What kins of books prepare for Group I Examination

could you please provide previous year group-1 question papers with answers

Sir, please provide group 1 2012 main s question paper please

First i want to thank u for sharing some ideas about TNPSC Group 1 Examination..I really searched a blog to clarify my doubts...Sorry for my stupid doubt ,
1) What are group 1A services, 1B services , 1C services ???
2) And also i want to know about the time limit for each examinations(exam time period in hours)...??
3) And in Main Exams whether all the three General Section Examinations are conduted seperately or in a single period...

Thanks for sharing some ideas about TNPSC Group 1 Examination...I really searched a blog like this to clarify my doubts.
Sorry for my stupid doubts, i've just started exploring about tnpsc exams..pls clarify my doubts...
1) what are Group 1A, Group 1B, Group 1C services?????
2) What is the time period for each examaniation ( prelims, main...)
3) And also the In main exam, whether General Section 1, 2, 3 are all conducted seperately or in a single period....????
4) Is there any criteria as maximum attempts for BC in Group 1 examination?? i.e Is there anything like only 5 attempts are allowed for a candidate to appear on group 1 exam ??? If it is so pls tell me how many attempts?

Sir, thank you very much for ur valuable service by which many students like me gets benefited..
my doubt is that is there any difference in sslc standard and degree standard questions, if yes how can we prepare according to that..
thanks in advance sir

what is the difference between sslc and degree standard questions. how to prepare according to that

thanks in advance.

how many marks for commerce,economics and so..... in group 1 exam i need seperate marks for each subject plz

i need allotting marks for each subject in group1 general studies

sir i am a secondary grade teacher in govt school. i yet to finish B ED. my aim is to become a dist. educational officer.how to prepare for it?

sir i am preparing for group1 examination pls suggest me some books for general studies.....

sir pls tell some books for gs....

SIr, Thank you very much for adding tis valuable information.....

Sir gr 1 interview include group discussion and personality test r not.

Im guna....sir im studying b.e.mechanical 3year...and i have a problem in speech..this thing affects my qualification....

good after noon sir...i,m uma...i completed my B.E....my dream is to get government job 7 particularly deputy collector...so i want to prepare group 1 questions.......could you please send me last 10 years group1 question papers.............???

sir , when will the group 1 exam conducted next?

Hi, My self Balaji, i have completed B.Tech Mechanical engineering (PART TIME) in SRM University (UGC Approved). Am i eligible for combine engineering service examination?


its very simple , SSLC standard means for testing your basic but clear knowledge in the subject. where as degree standard will test your indepth knowledge in the subject

Yes you are eligible if there is any vacancy for Mechanical Engineering in the upcoming TNPSC Combined Engineering Service Exam . There will be no differences in Part TIme / Full Time BE degree. The mark you secure in the TNPSC Exam will decide your fate. If you study hard and score more marks than the regular students, you will be winner. All the best !

Dear veera, there will be no Group Discussion in the TNPSC Group 1 Exam Selection process. But you will have to attend oral test (interview) in the last stage of the process.

Dear veni, sorry for the late reply, I dont have time to type and upload all the old tnpsc question papers. But you can get them from some TNPSC guides for Group 1 exam like Sakthi Publication. Even, you can get some copies at your local library. All the best !

If you cant speech is problem , problem in speech may not be a big problem..... continue studying.

sir i am a final year student ...i m eligible or not to write the 2014 -2015 group 1 exam

sri , i m a B.E final year student ...i m eligible or not to write the 2014-2015 group 1 exam

sir i am final year mbbs student.but my childhood intention s to pass group1 exams.so pleas guide me

Hello Sir,
You are doing a great job. I have completed my BE in civil engineering. I m going to write TNPSC group1. i m not good in general studies, history and all. But I will surely work hard. Can you tell some materials, tips, tricks to achieve for some1 like me????

Dear Karthika , glad to see your big interests ..... start your studies from the list given here

All the best

what is the tentative cutoff for trb tnpsc prelims2014 for mathematics

sir expected cutoff for deo prelims 2014

Sir... when will be group2 prelims result?


How many candidates are recruited through Group 1, Group 1A, Group 1B ever year?

waitinf for your reply eagerly,
Thank you.

Sir,I completed B.E (EEE) with scored only 60%.I am less knowledge in department subjects.But I am interested in GK,history as well as Tamil literature.
This mark is enough to write Group 1 exam?
OR it will affects any record marks in group 1?
less department knowledge affects anything?
pls reply me..

Pls frds,if anyone know the website for getting the above mentioned book via softcopy pls tell me.the above mentioned website is expired.

hello sir ,in tnpsc group1 prelims maximum mark is 300, how many marks will be allocated for each 200 question or its vary

Sir, i want to write group 2 exam (general studies with general english),can u tell wat r all books to be referred for this exam...All the books r mostly in tamil version plz give the name of books in English version....

sry sir that is not 2005. that s 2015 . please change it.

sir how many members ll select for gr1 mains????

Hello sir,
With reference to the above discussion, i have appeared in the TNPSC Combined Engineering Services Examination for "Asst director for industrial safety" on 27/Jul/2014. Till today the result is not yet announced! Do you have any idea on tentative date of writen examination result?

sir...may i atten the preliminary exam in tami...?plzz tell me sir...

Yes ...we are living in Tamilnadu where Tamil is the primary language....you can write TNPSC Group 1 Preliminary Exam and also Main Exam in Tamil Language.All the best !

study yearbooks of India and manorama

sir,how many days will need prepare to group 1 exam

Sujaini Manohar
Sujaini Manohar

Dear Sir, Thanks for your valuable inputs on GR 1 exam. Very recently I had accesed this portal. Very informative and real time mentor for the beginner like me.When is the next online coaching batch starts. Can I follow the weekly syllabus which is already uploaded for the online test. I am obliged if you can share the past 2 years current affairs in English

Hai sir this is bharath i had currently written my 4arrears theresult will be announced on feb2015 can i write prelims of group1 but i am sure i will be clearing my arrears before main so kindly provide me the answer as soon as possible

Sir i had currently written 4 arrears but results will be announced on feb 2015 can i write tnpsc group 1 but sure i will be clearing all the 4 arrears before i am attending my mains so kindly clear my doubt that before attending prelims i should cleared all subjects or before the mains

Sir.. My hand writing is very bad.. So I'm face any problem for my hand writing?.. Replay me sir...

when will TNPSC announce group 1 service exam 2015?

sir how many times in a year group exams will be conducted

sir im justin,
to clear the mains exam,samaseer books are enough...?plz tell me sir.

i am doing b.pharm third year.i would like to write tnpsc exam.plz guide me to prepare for it

sir , i have a doubt .. Is there any difference in attending the exam in english , tamil ,i mean is there any priority for any of these languages , if yes which will benefit better ??

is tamil one of the papers in group 1? is it a qualifying paper?

In Paper 2 there is a portion called ----2. Tamil language, Tamil society ­­ it’s culture and Heritage / English Language----- But it is a part of the General Studies area.....not a qualifiying paper....So there is no such qualifying papers in TNPSC Group 1 Exam as UPSC Civil service mains examination.

Download TNPSC Group 1 Latest Syllabus from TNPSC Website

No such difference...remember TNPSC is a state recruitment agency. There will be no discrimination in the medium of answering .... don't worry , no such benefit for either languages.The matter is your answers must be more informative than others

If you are in final year , you can attend TNPSC Group 1 Exam . TNPSC notificatioin 2013 says "The candidates, who have written the final year degree examination, may also apply for thePreliminary Examination for direct recruitment to the posts included in Group-I Services, subject to the condition that they should produce proof of having passed the degree examination when admitted to the Main Written Examination, failing which they will not be admitted to the Main Written Examination."

Source : http://www.tnpscportal.in/2013/12/tnpsc-group-1-exam-2013-announcement-wwwtnpscgovin.html

In the TNPSC Main Examination Preparation, Samacheer Kalvi books only meant for fundemental understanding about the syllabus area. But you should prepare some standard text books like Indian Polity by Lakshmi Kanth etc. also.

Visit list of other books for TNPSC Main Exam Preparation

atleast one exam per year used to be conducted...

The TNPSC Group 1 Exam 2015 Announcement is expected to be announced with in January 2015

Sir i need study plan for tnpsc group 1 exam 2015...i don't know wt to start first and how to cover the syllabus...kindly please help me sir...

Sir I completed m e I want to prepare for group 1 exam from home please give some guidelines

Sir I heard that mechanical engineering students are not able to attend tha tnpsc exams .
Is it true?

thank u so much sir..

sir from schooling till graduation i have opted second language instead of tamil, will it be a obstacle in my tnpsc group 1 preparation. plz reply

hello sir,
I m planning to attend group 1 this year dated on july 5th,2015.I m doing my final year B.Tech and my graduation falls on july.Will I be able to attend the exam this year?

Week end part time courses are not eligible

hello sir am duing ma BE civil engg 3rd yer nw.......... do i have a chance to write group 1 examination.. if not so ''was it possible during ma end of 4th semister?

hi, You can attend exam only if you hold a degree

Hai, This is SenthilMurugan, i finished my 10th 1999, diploma in 2002, degree in 2008-2011, my age is 31, BC, i need to know its possible to atten tnpsc and upsc exams, +12 is compulsory or 10th + diploma is fine. May i know this details please, and one more think i need to become a police man if any chance any other exam is possible for me please let me know. ThankYou in Advance.

Hi sir this is Amarnath i dont know about the group1 exam sir.So i need class or no required

Hi sir I want to know what is group 1A,group1B?

Hi sir the best coaching center in guntur to group1 plz replay

After my 10th I had studied 3 years diploma course in regular and then did my BCA degree (lateral entry )2 years through correspondence. Can I write TNPSC group 1?

Hello sir, I have a doubt. In tnpsc website ,they mentioned In group1 main exam candidate are allowed to write exam partly in English or tamil , it means candidates can write one question in tamil,next question in english . please reply sir.

I have completed my UG degree in the order of (10th+3 years diploma in Engineering+ 3 years BE degree). Please tell me whether I'm eligible to write TNPSC Group-1 Exam? Kindly reply me soon. Please...

hope you are eligible to apply .... any how pls call and confirm tnpsc before u apply.

in my knowledge can write in bi lingual

Sir ,Please provide study material for DEO main exam!

Sir, i have one doubt ,at present group 1 notification , they mentioned, "candidates are allowed to answer questions either fully in tamil or fully in English" it means we can't write history part in English , science part in Tamil ? Please reply me sir.( It totally confuse me)

hai sir thank u

hai i had written group 2 exam ,i want to know the pass mark of preliminary ?how much mark is enough to enter main exam?am BC community.please reply me.this is my first attempt.i have correct 95 questions out of 200.please guide me for further exams.

which book will cover the overall syllabus of group 1...?

better luck next tym.....

is tamil is in group 1

Hi kessal
I am pavithra I wrote group 2 exam this year I have already written group 2a vao exam ,BT I didn't got expected marks I prepared 6 to 12 the std books thoroughly I am lagging in general studies which books I have to refer I have seen in tnpsc website tat you have been listed some books now I apply for group 1 so pls list some books which I have to prepare and sent some modal question paper ,send me some online website were I can take up my practice test I believe u sir tat u will reply for my msg I be waiting for ur msg so plz rply sir

How much marks should get in group2 exam I am BC category

How much marks should get in group2 exam I am BC category

Sir plz send the books which cover whole syllabus for group1

if you have completed the 6th to 12th books , go for Arihant General Knowledge, its is a comprehensive book for GK. Regarding Current affairs Gktoday website is good

infact, there is no such comprehensive books for tnpsc group 1 exam, samacheer kalvi books and Arihant GK may cover some what 80 % questions

I m very happy to say lots of thanks to the author.. God bless u

sir i am pradeep ...i did my schooling in tamil medium .but i did my degree in english ...am i eligible to write group exam in tamil.

This is Chandrasekar. Daily i am reading Hindu newspaper its difficult for me to select and read current affairs for Group 1 exam. could you tell me how to select the topics???





You are eligible.. They would have mentioned hsc or equivalent. So don't worry

Sir I am doing first year and I want to help the poor people so I take group 1 exam pls give your good guidelines pls sir .we are Tamil medium students

how much mark should we get in preliminary exam to get qualified for main exam

Sir am doing my bsc computer science degree 2nd year in Tamil Nadu Open University after i completed my degree weather am i eligible for Group-1 exams.

give a tips to prepare for current affairs and tell a best monthly edition current affairs book

Gud Mrng sir.. I'm shilpa.. Basically I'm from Telangana state.. I don't have skill in Tamil language.. I cant write,read or even can't speak.. How can I go through Tamil news paper ?? Should I have knowledge of Tamilnadu current affairs or country current affairs..?? Am I able to qualify dis exam..
I'm very anxious to get qualified.. U have mentioned dat if a student concentrates,he/she can get qualified in 3 months.. Definitely I'll dedicate myself completely on studies.. Plzz suggest me how to prepare ,what to prepare n how to get started ??

Hello shilpa! No Need to worry and all.You can write exam in english mean while u should know the complete details of tamil nadu, current affairs of tamil nadu is available both in tamil and english. u can prefer english language and study. all d best

Hai Sir!! I want to Clear Group 1 so which book can I study ??? Guide books from Stores or Samacheer books ??? If i Study the Guide books will it be Useful to clear ??/ or Should i follow samacheer alone??

Respected sir ,wat is d difference between grp 1,grp 1a, grp 1b.Whether they all come under a single examination?

hi sir am a fresher for tnpsc group1 exam preparation so can u guide me how to start.....

Sir! You have already insisted to study 6th to 12th books! I have doubt's whether to study these books thoroughly including years or to study only important concepts and happenings

dear friend, no need to study cover to cover....whenever you study a school book portion, be sure that that is relevant to tnpsc syllabus. So read the school books in the light of TNPSC Syllabus. Keep the syllabus print out always with you. All the best !

hello sir i have a confusion either to prepare tnpsc or bank exam.my friends and relatives are saying bank exam is easy to crack,but my aim is to become an ias officer.so,sir plz guide me


Sir, in which website shall I get TNPSC Group-1 prelims previous years question papers? Pls answer...

Sir I'm studying 5 YEARS course, BBA,LLB., 2nd year how to prepare for grp 1 exams from now onwards, and also suggest me some tips to help my friend from my law subjects for preparing grp exam.

How much mark should I score in each paper of Group 1 mains to get qualified for the interview?

sir, i have completed hindi BA equvalent course whether i am eligible for attending TNPSC exams

hai kessal clarify me thre is any of increasing age limitations for group 1 from 35

no official information yet

Dear sir very good morning... My wife s working as Pg asst teacher (3years service completed) and completed age of 32 and oc category...is she eligible for apply tnpsc group 1 exam??! Kindly guide me ...thank u sir

Not eligible ,

Maximum Age Limit for TNPSC Group I Exam

BC/MBC/SC/ST - 35 Years

Others -30 Years

very good noon sir.I'm studying BE final year mechanical engineering.I,m in lower middle class background.still I'm preparing the group1 exam.i can not procure more study materials for my exams.so,can't you give a any solution for my flaw?

Sir when will be group 2 notifications will be announced


I'm on my 31 now and have done BCom. Backward Class. Am I eligible for Group1 exam?

sir iam doing BA english in correspondent course , i am eligible for group 1?

Hello sir.... Tnpsc interview is in Tamil language or in English language? Please give me details about tnpsc English language...

hello sir permanent tattoo is on my neck, is that any problem to join in government jobs particularly group exams? please give me an idea if that is anything problem

Sir, Recently Some situation am not Preparing Current Affairs.So I want A meterial For Current Affairs. Is Possible?

when will they publish group 2 mains exam results held on august 21,2016..?????

sir 11 and 12 physics chemistry botony zoology padikanuma for group 1

Can i write group 1 exam in both tamil and english in same paper? Pls ans me. I have a plan to clear in first attempt. Is it possible?

could you please tell me upto what eye power eligible for group1 exams

For prelims exam the questions is in tamil and objective type
for main exam descriptive type you can write answer only in either tamil or english

In prelims and mains exams the questions will be both in English and tamil

I'm pursuing B.E.,final yr.for grp 1 i can apply or not eligible??? Plx help me sir

I am resident of andhra Pradesh can i apply for TNPSC

hello sir
i studied 10+2 in english medium and completed degree in tamil medium..am i eligible under pstm..waiting for your valuable reply

u r eligible.mention u as a final yr stdt & u should produce Ur pass certificates to admit mains written examination.
Check min age 21 yrs should have completed as on 1-7-16

where I can get group1 prelims & mains updated syllabus in Tamil?

hello sir, i have completed UG, i have been preparing for TNPSC nearly 1 year but not with full effort. till now i've attended 3 exams G- 2A, VAO, G-4. my scores are improving still couldn't reach cut off. i came to know about this site just a few months ago now i am trying to put more effort in preparation still i need a clear view of it like is daily newspaper enough for current affairs?state board books up to 12th? and i've no idea for economy?

hi sir this is my 1st group 1 exam give some hints to study.

for group iv and vao , state board books are sufficient, if you aim degree standard exams like gr2, 1, you should study more....please see in the how to prepare area

Sir I finished BE in2013.now I wish to apply grp1.how to I prepare because the time period is very countable.how to I prepare.where do from I start.

Sir can you please provide blue print for group 1 of previous years. It would be a great help for the asiprants. Thank you..

For Group-I main exams , total 3 papers are there like paper I , paper II and paper III.
Whether exam will be conducted on same day for all 3 papers?

TNPSC Group 1 Mains Exam will be conducted in three different days

hello sir i completed BE in 2012 now I aiming for GROUP 2 please guide how to prepare

which book from which publication is best for content of group-1 exam?

there is no books can be suggested as comprehensive....first cover state board books and next go for standard text books

I'm going to write my final year exam on 17/12/2016, do I'm eligible to apply for group 1

Hi..yes..I am in need of the same.. Please provide me the syllabus in Tamil if u get..Thanks in advance

sir...i passed group 2,and group 4..and in group 2 i got 135+ marks...in group 4 i got 128+.....now i am preparing for group 1.....but iam so nervous...can u say if i got 130+ ..can i write mains...pls...so nervous..iam belongs to sca .. female...and i have one more query...i read 10th and 12th in tamil medium...but in college i read BCA in english medium....but i studied tamil as a paper for 2 years...can u tell me iam belongs to PSTM or not

last year cut off in group 1 prelims was arround 127 ... for claiming pstm in group 1, you should have studied degree in tamil medium

Hello sir. I am Subash N, 30 years old and comes udner BC category. Presently working as an Engineer in PSU. I want to prepare for Group I Exam.
Kindly guide me sir w.r.t.

A. Age limit.
B. Language selection(Tamil/English)
C. Possibility of clearing Group I exam, as a working employee.

Thanks & Regards,

Subash N

Age limit - 35 for bc
Language - Tamil or English
Possibility - Yes, anybody with sincere, hard work can pass the exam

sir in tnpsc group 1 prelims exam nearly 100 questions are correct.category :BC , is it any chances

Hello sir i wrote tnpsc group 1 preliminary exam feb 19...and i did well in that exam..around 126 correct and my category is SC...so most of them told i will clear....now im going to start prepare mains exam...if u give soMe books for my preparation means its will help to clear my mains examinatio.. tq sir.

Hi , I completed my Bachelor in annamalai university distance education , BA English am I eligible to attend the group 1 exam

Yes you are eligible

sir, i m so confused in selecting the medium used to prepare for mains.... some subjects i prepared in english and some in tamil.... pls suggest the mode to study further...

sir i have done diploma in mechatronics am i eligible to write group 1 exam?

For applying Group 1, you should have a Degree. Since you have only Diploma , you are not eligible to apply for Gr 1. You have options before you, you can do a degree through distance education if you wish. All the best !

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