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23.11.2022 : TRB Assitant Professors in Government Arts and Science Colleges Exam will be based on High Court Judgment  

The Madurai branch of the Madras High Court said on 22.11.2022 that the examination for Assistant Professor vacancies in Tamil Nadu will be held as per the final order of the Hon'ble High Court. In a petition filed by Muruganandam of Thanjavur,  it is informed that, the notification for filling 2,331 assistant professor posts in government colleges was published by the Teachers Recruitment Board in the year 2019. However, the recruitment process did not proceed. As per the Government Order issued  by the Principal Secretary, Higher Education Department,   the recruitment process of Assistant Professor announced in the last 2019 ws cancelled. Recently, it is  informed that nearly four thousand assistant professors will be appointed through the examination by Teachers Recruitment Board, Tamil Nadu.   The petitioner claims that the  Selection of Assistant Professors through examination will affect the elder candidates, who are working in Private Colleges for years if there is no weightage marks for the teaching experience. More over the petitioner preyed that,  the appointment should be made through certificate verification procedures  as announced in 2019 .  

The case heard before the bench of Hon'ble Justice G. R. Swaminathan on 22.11.2022. At that time, Hon'ble Justice said that the matter would be subject to the final order of the case and the government should respond. Subsequently, the case was adjourned  for 4 weeks.

News Source : Dinamani, 23.11.2022, உதவிப் பேராசிரியர் பணி தேர்வு இறுதி உத்தரவைப் பொருத்தே அமையும்

10.11.2022 : Tamil Nadu Government has issued an Government Order (G.O. No. : 248 , DATE : 08.11.2022)  to  fill up 4,000 vacant Assistant Professor posts in government colleges in Tamil Nadu through competitive examination  via Teachers Recruitment Board (TRB) , Tamil Nadu.

According to the order issued by Government, there are 7,198 Assistant Professor vacancies in Government Arts and Science Colleges. It has been decided to fill up 4,000 posts this year through the Teachers Recruitment Board. 

Till the year 2019, the posts of Assistant Professor were filled on the basis of weightage system. That is, a total of 34 marks will be determined on the candidate's educational qualification (15), work experience (9), and Interview (10). In that, the candidates were given marks according to their merit and those who got priority were appointed.

Meanwhile, 55,000 students have completed research degrees in Tamil Nadu in the last 10 years. Apart from this, the number of private colleges has also increased. Although they pay low wages, work experience certificate is easily available.  Also, sometimes there are cases of getting employment by submitting fake certificates.

In order to avoid various problems, it has now been decided that the above weightage selection system will be canceled and the appointment of assistant professors  in the Tamilnadu Government Colelges can be made on the basis of competitive selection.

Accordingly, this procedure is to be introduced in the current 4,000 teacher recruitment . Accordingly, the examination will be conducted for a total of 230 marks out of  which 200 marks for written examination and 30 for interview.  

The written exam would have multiple choice questions (MCQ) of 100 marks and descriptive-type questions of 100 marks.

Candidates who qualify in this exam will be  appointed. Out of which only Honorary Lecturers working in Government Colleges will be given priority.  Accordingly, the Honorary Lecturers who succeed in the written test and participate in the interview will be given special marks according to their work experience. 

That is, the total score in the Interview is thirty. Honorary lecturers will be awarded 2 marks per year up to a maximum of 15 marks. The special concission is valid for one time only.

Also, the details including the competitive examination application procedure, educational qualifications for this job appointment have also been published herewith.

Honourable Minister of Education K. Ponmudi has informed  that 4,000 vacant assistant professor posts in government colleges will be filled through theTeachers Recruitment Board and that the 10 percent reservation for economically weaker sections will not be followed in this recruitment. 


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